Getaway House

The weekend before Western WA was engulfed with wildfire smoke, we were able to getaway for a few days to head to the Mt. Adams Getaway House located in Glenwood, WA.

I found out about the Getaway House via Instagram, and then did a bit of online research to learn more about these awesome little cabins. The two founders started their company in 2015, with the goal of providing little tiny houses out in nature to escape the stresses of everyday life. The popularity of the houses grew, and now they have outposts all over the country.

For us, we just wanted a chance to get out of town without being around crowds of people. The Getaway House has been doing an incredible job cleaning their properties during the pandemic, and with confidence we felt like it was about time to get out of dodge!

The location of the Getaway is an interesting part of the state. It is just north of Hood River Oregon, across the Columbia River on the southeast side of Mt Adams. What is unique about the area is that it is a little bit forest and a little bit countryside. As you travel there, you will see everything from kite surfers and whitewater rafters, to cows and farm land.

Upon arriving to the Getaway Houses we had this beautiful evening light (probably just a smidge of wildfire smoke blowing in from Oregon.) Nonetheless, it was a gorgeous night!

The cabins provide pretty much everything you’d need for a weekend stay, including bedding, towels, and your own bathroom. (Dog not included.)

Immediately we hung up the hammock, took a breath….and relaxed. :)

More about the Getaway House:

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  • Getting Away – 75 Everyday Practices for Finding Balance in Our Always-On World, by Jon Staff

Palm Springs Packing List

It is about time for a vacation!! And as much as I love traveling for work (to amazing cities) it’s time I had a trip to myself. This trip to Palm Springs can’t come soon enough, and as a matter of fact I have been day dreaming about it ever since I booked my tickets. So to satisfy my vacation-craving, here are a few essentials that will be in my bag come time to take off.

  • A pool float of course. It obviously it should have palm trees on it (duh.)
  • poolside bag. I absolutely adore the bags from Sun Jellies. So retro and beachy.
  • A classic bathing suit.
  • A pair of big framed sunglasses to sport by the pool.
  • A water bottle to keep hydrated.
  • Flip flops for treking across that poolside hot pavement! I’m not a fan of fancy flip flops. These should be comfortable and waterproof.
  • A sun hat. The older I get, the more I worry about my skin.
  • Lastly, tabloid magazines! Need some easy reading by the pool.
The BHH Float – Float Naked

Atomic Tote – Sun Jellies

Black Swimsuit – Seafolly

Cateye Sunglasses – Target

Water Bottle – Memobottle