Getaway House

The weekend before Western WA was engulfed with wildfire smoke, we were able to getaway for a few days to head to the Mt. Adams Getaway House located in Glenwood, WA.

I found out about the Getaway House via Instagram, and then did a bit of online research to learn more about these awesome little cabins. The two founders started their company in 2015, with the goal of providing little tiny houses out in nature to escape the stresses of everyday life. The popularity of the houses grew, and now they have outposts all over the country.

For us, we just wanted a chance to get out of town without being around crowds of people. The Getaway House has been doing an incredible job cleaning their properties during the pandemic, and with confidence we felt like it was about time to get out of dodge!

The location of the Getaway is an interesting part of the state. It is just north of Hood River Oregon, across the Columbia River on the southeast side of Mt Adams. What is unique about the area is that it is a little bit forest and a little bit countryside. As you travel there, you will see everything from kite surfers and whitewater rafters, to cows and farm land.

Upon arriving to the Getaway Houses we had this beautiful evening light (probably just a smidge of wildfire smoke blowing in from Oregon.) Nonetheless, it was a gorgeous night!

The cabins provide pretty much everything you’d need for a weekend stay, including bedding, towels, and your own bathroom. (Dog not included.)

Immediately we hung up the hammock, took a breath….and relaxed. :)

More about the Getaway House:

  • The Getaway House Journal
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  • Getting Away – 75 Everyday Practices for Finding Balance in Our Always-On World, by Jon Staff


I got a little glimpse of Stockholm on my way to the Lotta’s Creative Workshop & Nature Retreat. I spent 2 days there before, and 1 day after the retreat…and definitely got a taste of this wonderful city. I was able to explore a few neighborhoods of Stockholm, and there was MUCH more I missed, so I will be back someday!



The first two days I did a lot of walking, took in all the sights, and enjoyed my first time to Sweden. :)


And what would a trip to Scandanavia be without some good shopping? :) Not only were Iris HantverkKnulp Sko AB, and Designtorget great shops…some of my favorites had to be NK Stockholm, and Svenskt Tenn. Both were beautiful curated shops with gorgeous displays. Svenskt Tenn was a recommendation from a friend, and I’m glad I took the time to check it out. The unique patterns they’ve created for textiles, linens, lampshades, etc. were absolutely stunning. They also have themed and curated spaces in the shop that were fun to explore.



For my first full day in Stockholm, I walked over to the SOFO neighborhood and the Fotografiska photography museum. They had a few exhibitions of photographers on display and I thoroughly enjoyed them. They were beautiful, moving, and poignant. These are just two photographs by James Nachtwey and Vincent Peters.


Roaming the streets of SOFO worked up a good appetite, and there were so many little bakeries and coffee shops to take a load off and pick up some afternoon Fika.


After lunch, a stop at Pärlans Konfektyr (a Lotta recommendation) was needed to pick up some caramels for dessert. If you are ever in Stockholm you must try these caramels. :)

And for my last night in the city, me and two of my new friends had dinner at Restaurant Pelikan. An old restaurant/pub with some great history. I will never eat Swedish Meatballs anywhere else…these were beyond good. Just amazing.




Before the afternoon downpour I had a short window at Rosendals Trädgård for lunch. Recommended to me from a few ladies at the retreat, I got myself over there early enough to enjoy a DELICIOUS goat cheese toast salad out in the garden.


After lunch I walked down to Skansen and explored the outdoor museum. This is when the rain really came down, and I wasn’t the only ones in Skansen that weren’t having the weather. I ducked into some of the shops to escape the rain, but ended up calling the visit slightly early so I could dry off inside another museum.


On my way to Vasamuseet, I stopped into Liljevalchs see the Anders Petersen exhibit, as well as dry off from the rain. Quite a beautiful photography show of his life and travels around Stockholm.


The last museum of the day was Vasamuseet, which holds a ship that was reconstructed after being under water for 333 years. This was fantastic! So amazing that historians uncovered this treasure and now it’s standing tall for visitors to enjoy.




Lotta gave us all her recommendations for Stockholm, which was a HUGE help in getting started on where to stay, what to do, and where to eat. I also got some recommendations from friends who are from the area. When you get recommendations from locals who know, it makes traveling that much better. Starting with lodging, a few of us from the retreat opted for the Downtown Camper by Scandic. It was close to the train station and train to the airport, so it was a good central option. It was super hip and urban, and I loved their lifestyle vibe.


On the way out of Stockholm I stayed at a different hotel to try something else. For two nights I stayed at Miss Clara. It was a totally different vibe than the Downtown Camper, but I loved both of them equally. What is cool about Miss Clara is that it was an old girls school converted into a hotel. And they decided to name it “Miss Clara” in honor of the head mistress, Clara Strömberg. How fun is that!


Australia Revisited

It’s been a few weeks and I’m finally getting around to posting some of my photos from my recent trip to Australia! Man time flies by when life/work/getting sick happens.

You might be asking, didn’t you JUST go to Australia? Haha…yes I did. I never thought I would be back in Australia within a year or so, but my friend and I were looking at warm destinations, and found this really good deal on airfare so we took it! It was just too good to pass up. For our trip, we decided to hit up a variety of experiences: a city, a road trip, beaches, islands, and the ocean. It was the perfect all-around getaway!



Last time I visited Sydney and it’s surrounding areas, so this time we flew into Melbourne. My neighbor told me, “Sydney is the girl you want to date, but Melbourne is the girl you want to marry.” I was excited to meet this girl and see what she had to offer. :) Thanks so much to my neighbors and my coworker who gave me a seriously awesome list of places to see in Melbourne.


Shopping at the Block Arcade.


Lots of wandering and shopping at the Queen Victoria Market.


The most amazing banana french toast at The Auction Rooms.



After a few days in the city we decided to take a day trip out to the Yarra Valley to taste some wine. We hired Steve (wine tour guide) to show us around, and it was definitely the best choice! He was super knowledgable, and took us to five wineries, had some amazing food, and came back “happy” with our suitcases full of wine. (Which by the way was stupid when you’re trying to fly domestically with suitcase weight limits.)

We started the day off with some bubbles at Chandon, and ended it with some rosé on the Dominique Portet patio.


Domaine Chandon


Warramunda Estate




Maddens Rise


Coombe & Stones of the Yarra Valley


Dominique Portet



After an awesome day checking out the valley, we rented a car and drove The Great Ocean Road along the south-eastern coast of Australia. Wow…this was amazing. Not only does the road travel through a bunch of great little beach towns, it also runs through a rain forest, and plops you out on the most amazing stretch of coast with the 12 Apostles and many other roadside views.


Hangin’ on Torquay Beach.


Checkin out the light at the Split Point Lighthouse.


London Bridge did come falling down back in 1990.


We could not get enough of this view of the 12 Apostles from the top AND at the bottom of the Gibson Steps.



After some amazing time on the road, we retreated to the beach for some R+R. We rented a little AirBnB by the beach, and spent most of our time reading, drinking wine, and walking the beach.


The winds were strong, but the sun was out at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast. 


For our last night at the beach, we had the most amazing dinner at Rick Shores on Burleigh Heads.



Our last stop was Hamilton Island. I honestly didn’t do a whole lot of research on the island but my friend did. I was blown away by the service, the amenities and just the overall feeling of the island. I would definitely go back and spend a longer time there so I could explore more parts of the island we didn’t have time to see. While we were there we took two full day excursions out to Whitehaven Beach and the Great Barrier Reef. Both were absolutely worth every penny!


The Beach Club was the perfect getaway, had amazing service, and beautiful views.


Whitehaven Beach couldn’t have been anymore gorgeous.



We knew we had to try and go to the Great Barrier Reef while we were in the country. So for our last stop we decided to take the trek out there to see it for ourselves. It is quite an amazing piece of nature, and the realization that it’s dying was very sobering. We still got to see live parts of the reef, and even spotted a reef shark swimming right below me!


You can’t see much of the Great Barrier Reef from above, but what a sight to see underneath that crystal blue water.



What is a trip without a lot of laughs and moments you’ll never forget? This one was full of them! From spending time with lifelong friends, to getting to know new ones. :) Till next time Australia!



Copenhagen & Amsterdam

It’s been a few months of travel for me, and I’m finally getting around to gathering up my photos to document my trips!

In May, I had the opportunity to travel to Denmark and the Netherlands for a work trip. Most of our time spent was in Billund, Denmark, but we had one night and a morning to stroll around Copenhagen before our work began, and a day in Amsterdam on the way back. It was a quick trip, but I got a little taste of these two cities and I definitely want to go back to Amsterdam to explore more.



We only had just under a day to roam around Copenhagen…so we did it pretty fast. There was a lot of walking. We walked through Ørstedsparken, and then to Nyhavn. Then circled back around through the Stroget, past the Finansministeriet and Christianborg Palace. It was very beautiful, but we didn’t have much time to investigate too much.

I claimed my first “win” for picking out this awesome hotel, Manon Les Suites. It was so fantastic. Small and boutique with all the right touches. Most surprisingly after walking out of the elevator…a pool in the center atrium layered with hanging plants and lanterns. The doors to the guest rooms surrounded this little oasis. :) On the top level of the hotel there was a small restaurant with a outdoor patio (for when the weather is nice).

After Copenhagen it was off to work in Billund, which ended with a trip to the LEGO House and lots of fun with LEGOS. Roar!



Our flights went through Amsterdam, so we took advantage and spent an entire day roaming the center part of town. I wasn’t sure what to expect…but I was pleasantly surprised, and found that I really loved this city! The canals that ribbon through the city were lovely and calming. We arrived on Remembrance Day, so there were lots of folks out on their boats listening to music and honoring the people who died in WWII.

And well I couldn’t well go to Europe without visiting a museum, so we hit up the Stedelijk Museum and the Moco Museum. Both surpassed my expectations.

At the Stedelijk Museum, they have art from 1880 to now, on the lower floor. Which includes a nice selection of mid-century furniture design, as well as classic graphic design.

And in the upper levels, Studio Drift had some of the most amazing exhibitions I’ve seen in a really long time. This one called Fragile Future, is a series of light sculptures of dandelion heads individually applied to LED lights. Absolutely stunning.

Shylight had me mesmerized by the fluid movement of these expanding and collapsing “umbrellas.” They had a very similar movement to jellyfish in the ocean.

Materialism was one of my favorites. This photo represents the volume of materials that make up a VW bug. CRAZY!

And lastly Drifter. How is it floating?? We stood there awhile pondering multiple theories.


Next stop was the MoCo Museum and the Banksy exhibit.


My second “win” was the Zoku Hotel in Amsterdam. This EAT, WORK, PLAY concept hotel was extremely cool. Not only did they have a really awesome rooftop restaurant and work space, the rooms were amazing lofts. It was super easy to check in/out, as well as order meals through their kiosks on the top floor. Not only did I have the best breakfast I’ve had in seriously the LONGEST time…I highly recommend this hotel and would definitely stay there again.


Travel catch-all

There was lots of traveling last year, and one thing I found that I really needed was a little catch-all for my jewelry, etc. I like my room organized so I don’t misplace things while I’m not in my element.

My last trip to Oslo I discovered Stoff & Stil fabric/craft store by my work office. Um HELLO!!! It was my home away from home. I picked up this beautiful thick felt (in gray of course) that was perfect for a little travel catch-all. Add a few sew-on snaps and you have lightweight collapsible organization!




Step 1:

Cut your felt into a 10″ x 10″ square if you haven’t already.


Step 2:

Thread your needle with 2′ of thread and leave a few inches at the end. Now imagine a 2″ square on each corner of your felt…position a set of snaps like the diagram below. Don’t forget that one side the bump faces up, and the other the bump faces down.


Step 3:

With the snaps facing you, start at the top and thread the following pattern: in 1 / out 2 / in 3 / out 4 / in 5 / out 6.


Step 4:

Repeat step 3 following over the stitch, tying a double knot at the end to secure the thread. I know I know…it’s not the right way to sew on a sew-on snap. But I wanted the other side to look like a cute star with the contrasting thread so I’m breaking the rules. :)


Step 5:

Repeat on all remaining snaps.


Step 6:

Snap the corners together, making clean right corners. Now you’re ready to use your catch-all!