Modern tiles

One of the next house projects on my list is to tile the backsplash in my kitchen, and soon thereafter my first floor powder room. As soon as my summer slows down and I have a weekend to spare I will start the project.

In the search for the perfect tile, I found a bunch of modern tile ideas that I like. My space isn’t that large so I need to keep it pretty simple. I narrowed it down to a medium sized matte white rectangular tile with a medium-light gray grout. Until they are delivered I will be watching numerous YouTube videos on how to do-it-yourself. Stay tuned for the before and after!

So until the big reveal, here is some of my favorites!









As some of you might have noticed, I have switched up my blog design lately. I have been working with an awesome WordPress developer, TinkTank, to customize one of their themes. Neil has been fantastic to work with and I’m loving the new layout and design of my site! In addition to my site layout, I have updated my logo to reflect a more modern take on my blog rantings. :)

All this to say, my new obsession is hexagons. Weird thing to be ogling over (I know) but I just love the graphical nature of this shape. So here is a sampling of some hexagonal love!

Wall Wonder Mirror - Maple 2




Hexagon Pot - Brass - Large 2