spice jar organizer

Spice jar organization

spice jar organizer

Awhile back I acquired a industrial rack from Haven Vintage on Etsy. I wanted to use the rack for hanging and displaying items on the wall in my studio. A few months later along came some extra Crate and Barrel mini oval spice jars from my coworker. Then the brilliant idea came to me…why not use these to hang from the rack! Insert pat on the back. :)

Plus it was a great excuse to use my awesome embossing Dymo. Every house had one of these growing up in the 70’s and 80’s! I wish I still had my Mom’s vintage one but this one I got at my neighborhood Ace Hardware. This DIY will take you all about 5 to 10 minutes….awesome!


  1. Dymo labeler (optional)
  2. Hanging spice jars
  3. Light duty s-hooks



Step 1:

Gather up the items you want to store in your spice jars. These will be small items like nails, screws, mini clothespins, stickies, paper clips, eyelets, needles, etc.

Step 2:

Use your Dymo to create your labels.

Step 1

Step 3:

Adhere them to your spice jars.

Step 3

Step 4

Step 4:

Hang them up using the S-hooks.

Spice jar organizer

Easy peasy!

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