Twin Peaks

My heart just skipped a beat.

Showtime is bringing back the TV show Twin Peaks! The network announced today that they will be bringing back the show for 9 episodes set in 2016 in the sleepy (and creepy) town of Twin Peaks. I was strangely addicted to this show in the early 90’s…maybe cause it originated in the town of North Bend WA which isn’t a far drive from Seattle. Earlier this year I visited the infamous Twedes Cafe for some cherry pie.

So in honor of this exciting announcement, I have put together a round-up of my Twin Peaks inspired crafts.

Make it…

Top row:
You can decorate your cabin with Design Sponge’s Mountain Pillow DIY and Make+Haus’s Birch Log Fire Light.

Bottom row:
Cover your Sweet Paul Cherry Pie with this DIY Cover from The Farm Chicks.


Shop for it…

Top row:
While we’re in the town of Twin Peaks, let’s accessorize with this Twin Peaks Brooch and these super cute Mountain rings.

Bottom row:
Add to your decor with this modern Chiaozza A-frame shelf and this Log Lady Embroidered Art.


While you are waiting for this show to come back on the air, you can get inspired by watching this video.

I’ll see you in Twin Peaks. And remember…”The owls are not what they seem.”