September craft-spiration

Here are my latest craft inspiration from the web for September!

Summer is starting to draw to a close and all the kids are starting to go back to school. I’m luckily out of school…but that still doesn’t mean I can’t covet those back-to-school shopping trips I used to do with my Mother. Besides the new clothes, I was probably most excited about picking out my school supplies. New notebooks, pencils and backpacks to name a few. Here are just a few back-to-school inspired items that may turn into a craft sometime this Fall!

Top Row:

Pencil Pouches – I really can’t get enough of bags in general. These pouches created by Eveden on Etsy are absolutely gorgeous. Simple, clean, and perfect size for storing all your pencils.

Middle Row:

Trays – This biodegradable lunch tray is adorable and it doesn’t help that I’m currently obsessed with trays. I know there will be a tray craft in my future.

Colorful totes – Someday soon I will hopefully get a screen printing lesson from my friend Jen…and then I can make all the printed totes I want!

Bottom Row:

Printed tea towels – Just like printed totes, I love all kinds of tea towels. I don’t have enough room for more in my drawer, but a girl can dream.

Fabric notebook covers – My most favorite fabric notebook cover was made by Jill Bliss. She doesn’t sell them anymore, but I also love this one by Simbiosis on Etsy.