Colored Pencil Roll

Thank you, Homeland Security…for potentially banning laptops from U.S. bound flights from Europe.

Now that there is a potential LONG flight home for my upcoming trip to Paris, I need to figure out something to keep me occupied. I’m typically a movie watcher, so I’m going to have to get creative (literally.)

I found this amazing coloring book, Paris Street Style, at the University Bookstore. The illustrations are so darling!! That is when the idea came to me…why not color some Paris inspiration to and from my destination?

Now that I had the book, I needed the colored pencils. I think I have some from high school somewhere packed away in a box…but with the uncertainty that I would probably be left with only the burnt umber color, I got some new ones at the bookstore. :) And knowing my clumsy hands lately, I would probably spill this entire tin on the airplane so I need something else to hold them in place.

I had some denim fabric I bought at Mood Fabrics from one of my past trips to NYC, as well as this SUPER CUTE fabric from Drygoods Design here in Seattle. So I took my two favorite fabric stores and created East meets West!

I pulled it out and started to get to work. The end result? A perfect little colored pencil roll to keep my pencils safe on the transatlantic flight! It even has a few extra slots for some extra pencils.

I can’t wait to get coloring. :)