Re:Make 2014

This past week was Brit & Co’s second annual Re:Make Conference in San Francisco. For the second year my friend and crafting cohort Cathie from tinsel + trim joined me for this trip. I was super excited about the speakers this year, and they did not disappoint. Here are a few of my takeaways from the day.

Cathie & Kathy


77% of adults feel like they have lost their creativity.

Brit Morin, Founder and CEO of Brit & Co.


That statement kind of threw me for a loop since I am in what is considered a creative profession. But WHY are adults not feeling creative? We all have jobs, other priorities, and lack of time. I agree with that statement 100%. So if we want to be creative, why aren’t we making the time to do it?

Even though the majority of adults aren’t feeling creative, the world of making and handmade has gotten stronger over the past few years, and it will get bigger in the next 5 to 10 years. Bring back the boutiques and independent makers!! It is technology that has made the Maker Movement. Technology has allowed makers to learn new skills via the internet, and materials are easier to access due to the internet. In addition to that, the influx of collaborative community spaces has helped new products come to market faster than in the past. Such community spaces like TechShop, Makerspace, or MakeShift are leading the way in these communal spaces.

Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop was at Re:Make, and despite the power going during his presentation, this Former Green Beret handled it like a pro!! He didn’t need a mic cause he was fantastic! His excitement and enthusiasm for the Maker Movement made me inspired. Just some of the amazing products that were invented or finessed at TechShop were Square, BioLite, DripTech, and Embrace.


People that are a part of the Maker Movement are developing the skills to change the world.

Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop


Mark Hatch

Some of the other inspiring creators were on hand to demo their new products:

Drop (Ben Harris, CEO)
This ipad app and scale helps the inexperienced and experienced baker make perfect baked goods every time. The wireless connection between the app and scale help measure, calculate, and walk you through the steps of baking. This was cool. Maybe it’ll help me actually bake some bread. :)

Birdi (Mark Belinsky, Co-Founder and CEO)
Inspired by his Russian grandmother, he helped create a smart air detector that monitors the health of your air. Since 73% of smoke alarms fail, he wanted to make something that works and matters.

Nomiku (Lisa Fetterman, Founder)
Lisa created an immersion circulator and sous vide machine. HUH? Cooking sous vide is a method of cooking food in plastic bags in a temperature controlled water bath. This might sound complicated, but the new Nomiku coming out next year will be wireless and you will be able to control it with your phone app! I need to get my hands on one of these. Plus she was an absolute doll!

Upwell (Justin Porcano, Designer)
Justin wanted to add function to a light switch plate, so he created the Wallhub. And the best part of his process so far (in my opinion) is how he tested his creation in IKEA. This video of this user experience research is hilarious, bold and awesome!


Create an opportunity for yourself beyond the product.

Justin Porcano, Designer for UpWell



One of my favorite moments of the conference was a panel of heavy hitters moderated by Evelyn Rusli, Technology Reporter for the Wall Street Journal, featuring Bradford Shellhammer (Creative Director of & Founder of, Brit Morin (Founder & CEO of Brit + Co), Craig Dalton (CEO & Co-Founder of DODOcase) and Zach Kaplan (CEO of Inventables.) They gave some tips and insights to how they started their businesses, as well as talked about where they see the Maker Movement going in the future.


Not only were there amazing speakers we had two Make Breaks to get our creative juices flowing. Sponsored by Michaels and Wilton, we made some cork covered vases and tried our hand at decorating cupcakes. My vase turned out cute, but my cupcake…well not so much. You won’t be seeing it here. :)


And R2D2 even made a special appearance. Gotta love that little fella.


Saturday Re:Make hosted their Maker Festival chalk full of talented artisans and DIY booths. They had everything from jewelry to paper goods. I didn’t go has crazy as last year, but I did visit my favorite maker booth called Hellbent by Beth Naumann. I absolutely adore her jewelry, and she even remembered which necklace I bought last year! :)




I walked away inspired and motivated. I look forward to next year!


ReMake 2013

Re:Make San Francisco 2013

The morning of the conference we picked up some Starbucks and walked through Fort Mason Park and came upon this gorgeous view. The conference was located in the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion right on the bay. We finally made it, and we were ready for the first annual Re:Make 2013.

Fort Mason Pavillion

The conference was set up perfectly. We were greeted by the Brit & Co staff, a beverage station, and a make-your-own-donut station! What a way to start of the morning.

Re:Make 2013


“Make each day creative.”

Brit Morin of Brit & Co.


I love this quote. I should always remember to practice it.

After Brit’s opening remarks came some amazing speakers. Without going into too many details, my highlights were hearing Chris Anderson (3D Robotics) and Kacie Hultgren (Pretty Small Things) talk about 3D printers. I knew that 3D printers were the latest and greatest, but the way they talked about how they have integrated them into their lives was exciting. Note to self…must start saving up for one of these.

Ayah Bdeir (littleBits) spoke about how she had the desire to bring electrical engineering to the masses. She created these intuitive components that allow for non-engineers to create and build things. Brilliant work. It made me think of how I could incorporate littleBits into my projects. Check out the videos she shared about their work with the MOMA Design Store in NYC. These are so fun!

Jesse Genet (Lumi) shared her story of how she created Lumi Inkodye….at the age of sixteen! Whoa. Her story was inspirational and motivating.

In addition to all the wonderful speakers, we did crafts! Everyone was given a box of Legos to be creative with. Like Brit said, “What’s the point in having a conference about making if we don’t MAKE anything.”

Legos craft

Later in the day we had a “craft break.” Really? I am sold! This is awesome. We picked up materials in the back of the room and starting hammering away to create our own twine air plant plaque.

Air plant craft

The second day of Re:Make was the maker fair. It was time to shop!! There was soooo many good vendors. Just some of my favorites were the following.

the shop

Zelma Rose – I saw her necklaces on Brit & Co’s list prior to the event, and I knew I had to check them out. My intuition was correct, and her work is awesome.

Zelma Rose

Half Hitch Goods – Carrie’s spunk and personality drew me to her, as well as her array of goods. I ended up getting this super cute cuff bracelet.

Half Hitch Goods

Hellbent by Beth Naumann – I probably could have walked away with numerous pieces she had at the show. But I chose a simple square geometric necklace to start my collection.


Asher Market – My two friends walked away with one of their buttery soft blankets.

Asher Market

During the conference we had lunch with the ladies of Lydali. They work with artisans all over the world for their shop.


Little Low Studio – I loved her Adventure of the month calendar, and her cards.

Little Low

These were just a few of the wonderful vendors at the maker fair. Here are some others that I loved.

  • Chewing the Cud – Super cute (and practical) canvas buckets and more.
  • Audra’s Details – I walked away with a cute geometric necklace. Plus we hit it off when she found out I was from Seattle. Hopefully she’ll look me up when she comes to visit!
  • Yellowsmith – Her jewelry has an amazing combination of modern and vintage pieces.
  • Zig Zag City Guides for kids – Too bad I don’t have kids or I would have brought one of these home with me.
  • Yield Design Co. – Someday I will get one of their picnic bags!
  • Scout & Whistle – The wool blanket pillows are my perfect bit of vintage.
  • Dodocase – Do I need an iPad? Well if it means I can buy a Dodocase then yes! What is even more amazing is that they created their prototypes by using a 3D printer. I think I need one of those too.
  • Alice Tacheny Design – The brass and concrete containers were absolutely sublime.
  • Percolating Design – The mixed media cuffs and necklaces were gorgeous.
  • MXM Jewelry – The necklaces are so detailed and delicate.
  • Rouge & Whimsy – What girl doesn’t need another bag?

We finished off the day with another DIY (seriously?!) a hex nut bracelet from Brit & Co.

Brit & Co hex nut bracelet

The trip to San Francisco was a huge success, and I can’t wait for next year’s Re:Make. Thanks Brit & Co!