Sunday Reflections

As I sit at the Seattle airport watching the planes take off into this beautiful 70 degree October sky, I reflect on the past few months of stark realities, new changes, and possibilities to come.

A new job and a new time-consuming exercise regiment has me spending more time at the gym than my craft room. Don’t get me wrong, I love my new team and I am LOVING the affects of the workouts. But I do miss my time creating things. The disarray of the room is evidence of my absence. :) But that will not deter me, and it doesn’t mean my head isn’t churning with new ideas and plans to come. :) So stay tuned for some exciting things on the horizon…

  • Sorry day job, but there is beginnings of what could be my dream job (it involves crafting).
  • The return of 25 days of crafts with tinsel + trim starting December 1st. Planning is underway and should prove to be even better than last year!
  • My return to Alt Design Summit in January 2015, which means lots of fun prep, new connections, and exciting outcomes!