cement wire stand

Cement & Wire Stands

It’s already September, which means the first day of school is coming up for students. I remember going shopping for all my school supplies, picking out my binders and pee chees to match. I loved visiting the office supply store with my Mom and my sister…roaming the aisles to pick out my supplies. :) But when it came for junior high, and high school…the most exciting part was figuring out how you were going to decorate your locker. I remember one year everything in my locker was pink. Weird, cause I’m not much of a pink person now. :)

So instead of a new locker to decorate, I had a new desk to accessorize a few months back. I decided to go minimal and modern. I picked out some cement accessories from FMC Design on Etsy which are gorgeous. I love the pencil holder and tray I bought, and maybe will extend my collection with a concrete canister soon! :)

So with this new cement theme in mind, I slowly gathered materials to create some cement wire stands using Merchant & Mills Provision Pins and Silicon Ice Cube Trays. The result? Awesome-ness. :)

Since this was the first time I’ve worked with cement (on my own) of course I roped my friends into getting their hands dirty with me!

Photo disclaimer:  I look completely disheveled in these photos. This craft was done after a full day of cleaning, organizing, and moving at the Craft Cabin. It was hot and there were more spider webs than I would like to discuss. So please don’t judge me from my sweaty, dirty appearance. :)


materials part 1

materials part 2


1 hour to mix and pour. Overnight + a few days to completely set the cement.


Step 1:

To hold your pins in an upright position, and still be able to remove the cardboard without disturbing the pins we created a little cardboard brace. To make this, print out the template, trace it onto your cardboard, and cut out along the dotted lines.

step 1

step 2

Step 2:

Now get ready to get dirty!

This process was pretty comical. It took three of us ladies to move the concrete bag from my car trunk to the ground. :) This sucker was HEAVY. None the less, we got it done cause we are rock-stars.

step 3

Using a couple plastic cups, scoop out 1 part concrete, and 2 parts sand. Mix up those two dry materials before you add your water.

step 4

When you are all mixed, add your water slowly until you get a super thick milkshake like consistency. You should feel a little give when you stir it up.

step 5

Note: Always wear your mask when you are dealing with the concrete powder. You don’t want to inhale it, and it will pretty much get everywhere. This super hot photo was POST scooping of the powder. :)


Step 3:

Now carefully pour your concrete mixture into the silicone trays. The one pack of Provision Pins is eight, so there was enough for all squares except the center one. Do something creative with that extra one! We stuck a scrabble tile in it. :)

step 6

Step 4:

Carefully center your cardboard template on top of the silicon tray. Insert your pins into each of the squares and set aside to dry.

step 7

Step 5:

We let ours dry about a day and a half and they were pretty much set up. They are really easy to get out of the tray, just wiggle them a little and they’ll shimmy out.

step 8

Use them for displaying postcards, photos, or even table place cards. I think they turned out super cute, and there is one already adorning my desk at work!

cement wire stand