Alt – Mine/Yours Zipper Pouch

For all of you who have experienced the Alt Design Summit, you all know that business cards are are huge part of the conference. Depending on how much you mingle, you may end up with dozens of beautifully designed cards lining your pockets each day.

Many bloggers suggest creating a “system” of collecting and handing out cards to help you stay organized (and keep your bag from being a dumping ground) during the days at the conference. Many keep a pouch or envelope with them to collect all these cards you get during the event. My solution this year was to create two pouches in one….creating the “Mine/Yours” Alt Zipper Pouch. :)

Using my Silhouette Cameo I printed out the “YOURS” and “MINE” text on black smooth heat transfer. After sewing together the zipper pouch I ironed on the lettering and removed the backing. To finish it off I added a little gold leather pull to match the gold zipper. It needed more bling. :)

One side I’ll keep MY cards….


…and the other side I’ll keep YOUR cards.


The divider inside helps separate the cards. :)


This way I only have to manage one collection zone. I’m so excited to use my new pouch, and hand out my new business cards next week at the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City! See you there!