Fuzzy key chain

Fuzzy key chain

Sometimes a craft seems really easy, and once you start diving into it you realize that it wasn’t so quick and easy as you thought it would be. Not to say this is a difficult craft, it just was stubborn. Yes…that is a good way to describe it, stubborn. :) The cord was a bit difficult to thread through the pom, but with some serious elbow grease I finally got it to budge. In the end I was happy with the outcome. Because who wouldn’t love a furry pom pom dangling off your keys? Plus this craft kind of reminds me of the 80’s and I love that!

Fuzzy key chain


Fuzzy key chain materials


Step 1:

Flatten out approx 1″ of the end of the waxed cotton cord with your pliers. This will help threading it through the needle. Once you have a bit threaded you are ready to thread it through the pom pom.

Step 1

This is where it can be stubborn. :) Thread it through one end and out the other. Pull the cord through (but not all the way.) Flip the needle around and thread it back through where you threaded it previously. This will create a loop on one end of the pom pom, and the loose ends on the other.

Step 2

Step 2:

Once you have the cord through the pom pom tie a tight knot on the loose ends. Trim the cord off.

Step 3

Step 3:

Pull the looped end out and attach the clasp hook and lobster clasp. Use your pliers to tighten the clasp to the cord.

Step 4

There you go! You can now use it as a key chain, a purse accessory, or if you grew up in the 80’s I dare you to hang it from your rear view mirror. :)

Fuzzy key chain