Pacific Northwest Blogger Holiday Event

PNWBlogger Welcome

My friend Cathie and I headed down to Portland this past weekend to attend the Pacific Northwest Blogger Holiday Event. This was my first PNW Blogger event and I was very excited to meet some new faces and make some great contacts in the area. Chelsey from The Paper Mama and the load of volunteers did an amazing job.

In addition to the PNWBlogger event, we took the chance to explore Portland a little. I usually hit up the Pearl District (which we did) but this time we hit up some neighborhoods that we hadn’t explored before.

First we stopped off at The Sugar Cube in the Alberta Arts District for a mid-afternoon pastry. I had Citrus Almond Tea Cake, and it was heaven! After this trip I’m finding that Portland has a serious obsession with bakeries. I think I’m OK with that. Seattle needs to take a lesson from it’s west coast friend and open more bakeries. Maybe get rid of a few coffee shops (GASP.)

We stopped by Ampersand and I picked up these amazing vintage Halloween gift bags! It was a few days shy of Halloween, but I know what I’ll be doing with them next year!

halloween bags

Dinner was next on our list and we ended up at Sen Yai Noodles on SE Division Street. This is not the Thai food I am used to eating. Not that what I’ve been eating hasn’t been good but this was more than that….it was fabulous! The Kath(ie)s were impressed and would definitely recommend.

Portland food

The next day we arrived at the PNW event to such friendly people. My newbie complex quickly fell away as we walked into a great group of people.

PNWBlogger interior space

Of course there was a craft table with two crafts by the Fabric Depot and Lia Griffith.

PNW Blogger Crafts

I had such a good time mingling with such talented people.

PNWBlogger crowd

After the event we hit up the Pearl District and the most AMAZING sandwich I have ever had. With a name like Lardo I don’t think they could have gone wrong.

We did a tiny bit of shopping which included my first ever trip to Powell’s Bookstore. With all my trips to Portland in the past I never went inside. Wow…now I know better. We stopped by a few other amazing shops like Canoe where I picked up some Christmas gifts, and a future craft! Lastly we stopped by Knit Purl which had the most amazing yarns in all the colors you could imagine. I think I need to get better at my knitting so I can shop more at shops like this one.

The weekend was perfect. Thanks to all the people at the PNW Blogger event that made us feel so welcome. I can’t wait to see you all again at the next event!