Wool and the Gang Cushion

I has been a few cold and wet months for us here in Seattle. This weather was a perfect time to stay indoors, curl up on the couch, and attempt to knit. I say “attempt” because I’m not great at knitting…but I keep trying. :)

I picked up a Reoccurring Dream Cushion kit from Wool and the Gang awhile back and it was the perfect time to try and make this little beauty. I’ve tried a few kits from Wool and the Gang, and really like them. Not only are their patterns great, but their instructions are easy to follow. And as an added bonus, they have great how-to videos on their site to show you stitches up close.

Only about a half-dozen tries to get this correct, but I finally finished. What do you think?

New York Pillows

My place is starting to look like a pillow shop. I need to start coming up with a rotation situation, or my couch is going to be covered in throw pillows I won’t be able to sit on it! I think I might have a problem.

Check out the details of my latest pillows below. Don’t they look great together? Such a cute little threesome. ;)


Manhattan Neighbors Embossed Pillow

This pillow by Hudson and Kings is a gem. I picked it up at STORY in Chelsea. What is Story? They describe themselves as  “a retail concept that takes the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery and sells things like a store.” I fell in love with this place immediately. When I stopped in, they we celebrating their anniversary, which was featuring some of their most favorite “stories” from the past 5 years they have been in operation. It looks as though things might be changing for Story…I hope they remain in business in some form or another!

Mod Botanical Throw Pillow

I was able to visit Lotta Jansdotter’s studio a few weeks ago, when she hosted a cocktail hour for the Sweet Paul Makerie Retreat. She had a bunch of her products on discounted sale, and so I picked this Land of Nod pillow sham because I felt it would go great with my decor. And it does doesn’t it?

Gold Geometric Tree

This one was created by moi! :) Another product from the Sweet Paul Makerie Retreat, but this one required a little more work than just pulling out my wallet. I printed this geometric tree design at at the screen printing workshop, and walked out with the makings of a great little pillow. It took me awhile to finish sewing it at home, but I’m happy with the way it turned out. What do you think?

I’m gonna enjoy my plethora of pillows…curl up with them, read a book with them, or just plain let them look pretty. :)


Zebra Pillow

For my friend’s birthday I promised her I would do something with this zebra fabric that reminded her of the Scalamandre Zebra Wallpaper featured in the movie The Royal Tenenbaums. And since she “doesn’t sew” I promised her a little pillow to adorn her apartment. So Happy Birthday my friend…I hope you feel inspired by it! :)

Now it’s been awhile since I’ve seen this movie. And I admit I’m not such a huge fan to have noticed (and remembered) the wallpaper. So as I dug into this a little further I realized that there is a lot of stuff out there on this very wallpaper!!! Who knew!

Here are just a few of my favorite links:

  • Design Sponge wrote up some background on the design here.
  • You can buy the wallpaper here on Scalamandre.com.
  • You can buy Scalamandre Zebra items (and inspired items) here on Etsy.
  • A good round-up of interiors here on The Glam Pad.

I didn’t do anything new to create this pillowcase, I just followed the same instructions as the Cross Pillow. :)


Blanket pillow

Moving really throws a wrench into your crafting. In the process of moving (a year ago) not only did I realize I had WAY too many half-started craft projects, but my supplies were completely out of control. This let to a lot of purging in the process. My new goal is to buy supplies for the craft I will do next, and not buy supplies for that craft I think I will do in the future. This hopefully will help the supply explosion, and keep my craft room under control.

So this next year my goal is to finish and share with you all my half started projects (plus more.) Some are worth sharing the steps…some are just going to be hey look at what I did projects. One of those hey look at what I did projects is this blanket pillow.

A year ago I made a Vintage Blanket Tote Bag using a vintage Pendleton blanket. I kept a few of the scraps because I could use it for another craft. Now I’m glad this was one of the supplies I didn’t get rid of. :) There was just enough left to make a pillow cover for my couch. I love the vintage and modern combination. It’s the perfect accent against the gray, and brings out the orange in the poster. Plus you can never have enough throw pillows!

I’m excited to be back…stay tuned for an exciting update soon!


Lace Pillow

A few years ago I was lucky to meet the lovely Anne Weil, of Flax & Twine. We met online, then in person for the first time at the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City. I have enjoyed our virtual relationship over the past few years. Recently she released a book Knitting Without Needles. I purchased it right away and finally just got around to my first project.


I admit…I’m a novice knitter. I have done a few basic projects, and I still reference this photocopy my Mom copied for me on how to cast on and cast off! :) I should just laminate it at this point. haha. I’m not sure if I will become an expert knitter, but I do like to try every once and awhile. 

For my first Knitting Without Needles project, I made the Lace Pillow. Mine does not look as awesome as the pattern…but I think it’s alright. :) So despite my lack of skill, you should check out Anne’s book. It’s beautifully done and it is a lot of fun knitting using just your arms.