Gold lazy susan

After I set up my DIY paint booth on my deck I was finally able to get to all the spray painting I’ve been wanting to do without tagging my deck in multiple colors. :)  And since 2015 is all about change…the first thing on my list was updating the color of a craft room lazy susan.

I bought the lazy susan awhile back, and for some reason chose this weird traffic orange color. Don’t get me wrong I love orange, but I like more classic orange. So I thought about it for awhile, and then as my gold desk accessories began to grow, I decided to make it match.


  • Should only take a 2-3 hours all total with drying time.


  • Metal lazy susan
  • Montana Gold spray paint



Step 1:

Take apart the lazy susan. You don’t want to spray paint the metal ball-bearing components. Spray paint the bottom portion first. One coat of paint covered it pretty significantly. There were only a few spots that I had to do a second coat on. Flip over the top portion and spray paint the bottom. Once that is dry flip it over and do the top. This is the part that will require a few passes to make sure you get all the compartments.


Step 2:

Once it’s completely dry, put it back together and fill er up!


I love the way it turned out. It gives a nice shine to my craft room!