Listen, Learn & Love

It’s been an emotional, inspirational, heart-wrenching, and heart-lifting couple of months. In the span of just a few months there has been feelings of fear, anxiety, frustration, burden, depression, anger, sadness, sorrow, tiredness, aimlessness, boredom, hopelessness, love, and joy, for many people. It’s already over halfway through 2020 and I kind of feel like we just started.

With the onslaught of COVID-19, not only have people lost their loved ones, but there has been a lot of mental and physical suffering due to it’s side affects. It’s been hard to understand and grapple with the new reality. It has also brought forth a different way of living for many people that has been insightful. Things like staying home, being with family, or taking time to just be. Seems like everyone has taken up doing puzzles, baking bread, or Marie Kondo’ing the crap out of their homes. :)

Not only has 2020 brought forth a global pandemic, it also brought forth a needed change/discussion in this country about racism. It’s so unfortunate that it has taken so many deaths to finally be having this conversation out in the open. After the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, the country took to the streets to protest and show that they are fed up with what is happening in this country. I am ready to have these discussions (and most likely make some mistakes) but I have the best intentions to support, listen, and learn from my friends and the Black community.

So in times of confusion or when I need to center myself, I gravitate back to the things that fill me with joy. I tend to go quiet while making something, and being focused calms me. I recognize that I have the luxury of this escape, and I am grateful for it. Now crafting in a pandemic doesn’t always allow for all the materials to be readily available, so lately I’ve been working with what I have. On the bright side, I’ve been using up all these supplies taking up space. :)

For this craft I wanted to do something that was about love and connecting. I didn’t think too hard about it (I tend to overthink) so this time I just started finding odds and ends and putting something together. I just starting making. I luckily had some wooden hearts stashed away in my closet (leftover from a Valentine’s Day craft.) Why not use up these materials instead of buying new ones (this is what you call Craft Kondo’ing).

It didn’t feel right to do DIY instructions on this craft, so I just included a few photos of my process. Hopefully this will inspire some other crafts in the name of love. ♥

(Above quote by Martin Luther King Jr.)

GOT Dragon Mobile

Game of Thrones dragon mobile

Last January when I was at the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City, I met my kindred spirit, Asia Rau Vinton, of Sparrow¬†Soir√©es. I mentioned to her that one night at the conference I just went back to my room at the hotel and snuggled up in bed to watch a few episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones. She gasped as she also loves that show. Our meeting was destiny.

We immediately concocted a plan to rendezvous back in Seattle to do a GOT Craft day. Was there such a place where our nerd-geek love of fantasy/sci-fi meets crafting? If so, we wanted to be there. Who wouldn’t want to wear a pipe-cleaner crown and make dragon mobiles? I’m sure Daenerys Targaryan would approve.

This mobile was inspired by a 1964 book by the name of Christmas Magic written by Margaret Perry. I bought the book off Etsy and immediately fell in love with the retro mobiles featured in the book. I love them so much I’m sure you will be seeing more of them in months to come. So for now instead of angels and Christmas balls, you will be getting dragons. :)

Christmas Magic


  • Silhouette Cameo with Connect software
  • Dragon template (PDF)
  • Black text weight paper
  • Glue stick
  • X-acto knife
  • 18 gauge dark annealed wire
  • Round needle nosed pliers
  • Wire cutters

Dragon mobile materials


Step 1:

Download the PDF template and open in Adobe Illustrator. Open through the Connect software and cut out 3 sets of dragons. (1 body and 2 wings each)

Step 2:

Glue on one wing to each side of the body, with the curved edges closest to the head.

Glue wings

Step 3:

Now measure and cut your wire in the following pieces:
2 – 7″ pieces
1 – 5″ piece
3 – 3″ pieces

Use your needle nose pliers to create a small loop at each end of the pieces.


Step 4:

Now make a kink in the middle of one of the 7″ pieces.

Wire kink

Step 5:

Make a small hole right in front of the wings using your x-acto knife. This is where you will thread a 3″ piece of wire through. Do this step to all 3 dragons.

Thread wire

Step 6:

Hang on one on each end of the kinked wire.

Hang dragons

Step 7:

Take the other 7″ piece and connect it onto the kinked loop. Then hang the last dragon onto the opposite end.

Take your index finger and try and balance the wire on your finger. Find the sweet spot where it’s even and kink that wire with your pliers.


Step 8:

Take your 5″ piece of wire and connect it to that kinked wire.

Top piece

You can hang it directly from that top piece or thread some string or fishing line through the loop to hang.

Dragon Mobile