Craftspiration: Perforated Tote Bag

Today’s craftspiration (craft inspiration) comes from this DIY by one of my favorite bloggers/TV personalities Amber Kemp-Gerstel of Damask Love. Her Perforated Leather Flair Tote Bag got my attention back in 2017, and I’ve been dying to do it since. It takes me awhile nowadays to get to all my crafts as my job (which I love) has become bigger and better. :)

I love her DIY, but I decided to alter it just a tiny bit to allow for a leather tote bag I already had. The only difference is the bag has an exterior leather pocket. On the plus side, having the perforations on the exterior pocket will allow the pin backings to be more ‘protected’ from interior contents. It seems like whenever I wear a pin, I always end up losing the backing…thus losing the pin in return.

Check out the instructions on Damask Love, and you can see my version below.

UPDATE: What kind of magic is this? Pin locks?!? I had no idea that these pin locks even existed. I guess I didn’t really need the exterior pocket. Well too late now. I picked some of these up from Amazon, and now my pins will be super safe.



Cement Doorstop

Summertime is meant for open doors to let the breeze flow. And I definitely spent many summer days with my front door open to let the air circulate. But once in awhile a gust would come through and I wished I had a door stop to hold my door open. It’s a little late for open doors (now that Fall is here) but at least I’ll be ready for the next warm day!





Step 1: 

If it hasn’t already been cut, cut the leather strap to be a 1″ wide x 14″ long piece. I found some pre-cut straps on Etsy.


Step 2: Punch the anchor holes.

Punch an 1/8″ hole, 1/2″ away from each end of the strap.


Step 3: Punch the rivet holes.

Punch one 1/16″ hole, 2 1/2″ away from each end of the strap. (Note that in the end I added TWO rivets instead of one. So if I was going to make another one, I would add another rivet hole below this one. So one at 2″ and another at 2 1/2″)


Step 4: Attach the rivet.

Fold the strap in half (wrong sides facing in) aligning the holes. The anchor and rivet holes should line up.

Insert the rivet post through the back side through the front. Place the cap on the rivet post and set the post on top of the curved edge of the anvil. Gently tap the rivet with the mallet to set the rivet.


Step 5: Attach the screw post.

Insert the screw post in the bottom hole and screw it together. You don’t have to screw it too tight. This additional element is to help anchor the strap into the concrete. If you don’t add an anchor, the leather may just slip right out of the concrete.


Step 6:  Create the brace.

Take two popsicle sticks and place them perpendicular to the strap, about 3/4″ down from the brass rivet. Take some painters tape and secure the two sticks together on each side, making a brace for the leather strap.


Step 7: Prepare your mold.

Go outside and spray a light layer of the Smooth-On Universal Mold Release into your candle mold. (Why does my hand look like a crabby old witch hand? ugh.)


Step 8: Mix your concrete.

Now get ready to get dirty! Using a couple plastic cups, scoop out 1 part concrete, and 2 parts sand. Mix up those two dry materials in the larger plastic container before you add your water. When the dry parts are mixed thoroughly, add your water slowly until you get a super thick milkshake like consistency. You should feel a little give when you stir it up.

Note: Always wear your mask when you are dealing with the concrete powder. You don’t want to inhale it, and it will pretty much get everywhere.


Step 9: Pour the concrete.

Now carefully pour your concrete mixture into the mold.


Step 10: Let it dry.

Carefully place your prepared strap into the top of the concrete, bracing it on the top of the mold with the popsicle sticks, and securing it in place with some masking tape. Gently set the mold aside to dry. I let mine dry about a two full days in my garage.


Step 11: 

Once fully dried, carefully wiggle your doorstop out of the mold and begin using it as a doorstop!


Silver tube leather necklace

One of the best things you can do with a girl friend is get together, drink wine, and do crafts! Awhile back I did just that with my best friend Brittany. As her boys frolicked between watching The Voice and eating JELLO in the kitchen, we sat and crafted around the kitchen table. We had a glorious time doing this super cute Gold Tube Bracelet craft from Honestly WTF.

A few days later watching TV I saw a commercial where the actress was wearing a tube necklace. I thought it would be the perfect craft to use up a few extra tube beads. It makes a perfect gift, and will take you about 10 – 15 minutes max!




Step 1:

Take one end of the leather string, one crimp end, and using your pliers crimp it nice and tight.


Step 2:

On the end without the crimp end, slip on the silver tube bead.


Step 3:

Add the other crimp end to the other end of the leather string.


Step 4:

Using your pliers add one jump ring to each end.


Step 5:

The last step is to attach your lobster clasp to one end using your pliers.



That took all of like 5 minutes. Speedy crafting!



Bow bracelet

Suit and (bow) tie bracelet

Bow bracelet

OK…call me corny, but I love me some JT (Justin Timberlake that is.) And since my love of JT can’t be held back, I’m going to subject you to a little junior-high make-me-some-concert-outfit craft on you. And yes, I will be wearing it to his concert this Friday! Oh yea bring it!

Let me give you a hint…it’s in the title of his song Suit and Tie. Now if you aren’t familiar with this song, here is a little lyric sample.

And as long as I got my suit and tie
I’ma leave it all on the floor tonight
And you got fixed up to the nines
Let me show you a few things
All pressed up in black and white
And you’re dressed in that dress I like
Love is swinging in the air tonight
Let me show you a few things

OK, now onto the musical craft…


Bow bracelet materials


Step 1

Download and print the bow template.

Trace and cut out piece A and B out of the leather trim.

Tip: Place the cut out template on the backside of the leather and use some washi tape to hold it down as you cut it out.

Bow bracelet - Step 1

Step 2 – Making the bow

Turn piece A wrong side facing up. Dab a little bit of the cement in the center and on each of the ends of the leather and let it dry for 15-20 minutes.

Once the cement has set, fold towards the center (wrong sides facing) until the two ends meet together. Press the ends together to set the cement.

Bow bracelet - Step 2

Step 3 – Attaching the bow

Take the finished bow and decide where to place it on your bracelet. (I chose to center it on the bracelet.)

Flip the bow over so the seams are facing up and set aside.

Repeat the application process of the cement and dab a little cement on the backside of the finished bow and a little on the front of the bracelet.

Allow it to dry for 15-20 minutes and then press the two pieces together.

Bow bracelet - Step 3

Step 4 – Attaching center

Take piece B and wrap it around the bow. You want the ends to meet together, so if there is extra leather trim it to fit.

Turn piece B wrong side facing up. Repeat the cement process by dabbing some cement on each of the ends.

Flip the bracelet over and apply cement to the backside (directly underneath the center of your finished bow.) Let both pieces dry for 15-20 minutes.

Once it’s set, wrap piece B around the center of the bow to the backsides making the ends meet. Press firmly to set the leather. Let it set overnight before you wear it.

Bow bracelet - Step 4

Now you are fixed up to the nines sportin’ your suit and (bow) tie. Simple and classy. Just like JT.

Bow bracelet

Stitch - Craft ta dah

Day 10: Sleigh bells

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling ring ting tingling too. Come on, it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you! I’ve never been on a sleigh ride, but it should be something on my bucket list. It does sound lovely doesn’t it?

For day 10 we created a sleigh bell to hang on your front door. Making sure that you hear all your holiday guests as they arrive at your home. And maybe even Santa!

Sleigh bells




Step 1:

Cut a strip of leather 1.5″ wide x 20″ long. Measure 1″ from one end and fold the end over (wrong sides touching.)


Step 2:

With the wrong side of the leather facing up, measure .5″ from the end and make a small mark with your pen. Punch a small hole through the touching leather pieces using the small hole on your punch. Refold the leather at the 1″ mark and punch through the other side.


Step 3:

Insert the leather fastener through both sides and hammer to secure the fastener.


Step 4:

Insert and close the binder ring through the loop you just created.


Step 5:

Round off the edges slightly.


Step 6:

Flip the leather strip over and measure 1.5″ down from the fastener and make a small mark.

From that first mark measure every 1.5″ and make a mark until you have 10 marks total. Punch 2 small holes .25″ apart at each mark.


Step 7:

Measure your leather string and cut 10, 4″ pieces.


Step 8:

Once you are done punching the holes thread a 4″ piece of leather string through one hole, the bell and through the other coming out the back.


Step 9:

Tie the leather string on the backside of the leather tight and trim off the ends.


Step 10:

Using your scissors, round off the corners on the end of the leather strip.



Hang on your front door so you can hear Santa coming to visit! Oh wait…Santa comes down the chimney right?

Sleigh bells