Hoodsport Craft Cabin

Hoodsport Craft Cabin

Last weekend we drove down to Hoodsport, WA to work on my friend’s cabin…which we most fondly call The Craft Cabin. This isn’t because we just like to go away for the weekend and do crafts…it’s because in the future it will become a literal craft cabin. :)

Hoodsport Craft Cabin

Remodeling and repairs are well underway, and this weekend we helped clean out the garage to make way for the next construction project…the craft studio! We are most excited about this, and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

Slowly, bit by bit, we have been moving furniture and equipment down to the cabin for our future craft en devours. Not only will be have space to do crafts, we will have a working screen printing press! Of course I don’t know how to use it…but I’ll learn from my expert friend Jen. :)

If you have never visited Hoodsport WA, it’s a cute little town located on Hood Canal to the right of the Olympic Peninsula. The little “downtown” area is home to many things including the Hoodsport Coffee Co. (which also serves amazing ice cream,) The Hardware Distillery Co., the Hoodsport Winery tasting room, and some great little boutiques and antique shops. The town is also a hotspot for divers, as well as beach combers.

Hoodsport Coffee Co.

the hardware distillery co.

I’ll keep you posted on how the Craft Cabin is coming along. So in the meantime if you are in the area check out the town. It’s such a beautiful part of Washington State. I am always relaxed when I visit that area…and I feel a little more at home. :)