Day 21: Shadowbox

For day 21 we present to you our first guest post by Julia Saimo. Julia is a very talented young lady who loves crafting as much as we do. We have seen her crafts over the past year, and jumped at the chance to invite her to write a post during 25 Days of Crafts. Hope you enjoy her DIY as much as we do! – Kathy & Cathie

For this project I was inspired by Bethany Mota, a beauty blogger on YouTube. I wanted to make something that celebrated the holiday spirit with my grandmother when she visited us from Arizona for Thanksgiving.


20 minutes


All of these materials were purchased at Michael’s Craft Stores.

  • Shadowbox. These come in many shapes and sizes. I chose the 9 x 9 x 2 inch size.
  • Christmas card stock for the inside back of the box. Card stock comes in many different colors and textures. Choose one that matches your holiday theme.
  • Vinyl adhesive backed letter sheets. These come in many different font types and colors. I chose a cursive style in gold because it feels elegant and formal.
  • Fun and festive fillings. There are many different fillings to choose from. To follow my theme of Christmas elegance I choose gold and clear pearlescent marbles and 2 gold angel ornaments to hang on the back wall of the box.
  • Gold ribbon to secure the angel ornaments.


Step 1:

Measure card stock to fit the back of the shadow box. Hint: Take out the back plate of the shadow box and use it to trace on your card stock to quickly get the size right.


Step 2:

Once card stock is cut, adhere to the back plate and set aside to dry if you use glue.

Step 3:

Place your shadow box glass surface down and arrange your fill contents on the inside of the shadow box. Place them gently and slowly as to not crack the glass.


Step 4:

To secure the angel ornaments I used golden ribbon and tied one end to the angel and the other end to the brackets that came applied to the back of the frame.


Step 5:

When you back plate of the shadow box is ready, secure it into place by closing the tabs on the frame. I find it helpful to use a knife so you don’t ruin your fingernails.


Step 6:

When you apply your vinyl lettering you will want to visually balance it with the contents on the inside, making sure that everything lines up symmetrically. It helps to apply your lettering with an X-acto knife.


Once your lettering is applied you’re finished!

And there you go – a simple and fun way to add the elegance of Christmas in a 3 dimensional way to your home!


And since you can create almost anything in this shadowbox, here is another example of a different style.

Shadowbox Ho ho ho


Hi! My name is Julia Saimo. I’m a seventh grade student at Twin Falls Middle School. I enjoy dance, computer science, baking with my mom and making fun crafts. I especially love the winter time and the spirit of the holidays spent with friends and family. When I’m not busy with school, dance and sports I like to hang out with my two older brothers, Sam and Will and my Lhasa puppy Khokomo.

You can follow Julia on Instagram (julia_saimo) and on Tumblr (juliaroselove).