Basswood craft

Sparrow Soirees Summer Event

My dragon cohort, Asia from Sparrow Soirees, recently threw a glitter and crafts party. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, and despite me coming smelling like a fire pit (prior to her party I came from a BBQ cooking class) I had the most wonderful time.
Backyard Crafting

One of the crafts was painting (and or glittering) a basswood. Using a paint brush I applied Mod Podge on the base with a paintbrush, and then sprinkled gold glitter on top. I couldn’t fair well go to a “glitter” party and not create something using…um…glitter. I couldn’t stop there with the gold, I used black glitter for a stitched border around the edge. I do have to say I think it is adorable. :)
Basswood Materials

Basswood craft
When I got home I was ready to hang it up in my craft room so I got out a piece of dark brown leather trim and nailed the ends to the back of the basswood to hang on the wall.

Thanks so much to Asia for hosting such a fun event!


Geometric Paperweight

Geometric paper weight

It’s been a few weeks since I had wrist surgery, so my entry back into crafting is going to be a little slow. This craft is quick and easy and doesn’t require too much heavy lifting. :)

A few months back I saw these paper weight kits online and thought they would be an easy way to customize my desk. The possibilities are virtually endless on what design you can choose for the background. For this one I chose a simple geometric pattern.


  1. Template (PDF)
  2. Round Paperweight Kit
  3. Scissors (or x-acto knife)
  4. Glue stick
  5. Gold self-adhesive glitter sheet
  6. Glass cleaner
  7. Paper towel
  8. White paper (not pictured)



Step 1:

Print out the template PDF on some white paper. Using your scissors, trim out the template circle. This doesn’t need to be perfect, you will end up trimming off the extra later.

step 1

Step 2:

Trim out a few triangles from gold glitter adhesive paper using the triangle piece on the template as a guide. I cut out approximately 8 triangles.

Step 2

Step 3:

Remove the backing on the triangles, and place on the template in a random pattern.

Step 3

Step 4:

Take the cardboard piece from the paperweight kit and apply glue to one side. Place the glued side down onto the backside of the template.

Step 4

Step 5:

Using scissors or an x-acto knife, trim away the excess template.

Step 5

Step 6:

Spray some glass cleaner on the glass paper weight and thoroughly clean.

Step 6

Step 7:

Center the template/cardboard piece on the bottom side of the paper weight.

Step 7

Step 8:

Remove the backing on the bottom pad and carefully center it on the glass. Press the edges down firmly to stick.

Step 8

Now you are ready to organized your papers on your desk with a new beautiful weight!

Geometric Paper Weight


Wood gift tag present

Day 3: Wood gift tags

Today is one of those special days where we will feature different crafts on Krafty Kath and tinsel + trim! So be sure to check out the Chalkboard gift tags on tinsel + trim today.

For day 3 of 25 Days of Crafts, I’ve created a gift tag that adds a little bling to your packages this Christmas. This craft is quick and easy. Here’s what you need to get started.

Wood gift tag




Step 1:

Take your wooden circles and carefully drill a hole towards the top of the circle.


Step 2:

Put a little bit of glitter and glue on a small paper plate, and gently roll the edge of the wooden circle in the glue, and then in the glitter. Be sure not to get too much glue on the edge or the glitter will bleed over onto the front and back.

Glitter edges

Step 3:

Once dry, cut a piece of your ribbon and thread it through the hole. You can choose how long you want your ribbon depending on how you want to tie it onto your packages.


Step 5:

Write the name of the recipient on the tag with a thin Sharpie and you are ready to wrap!!

Wood gift tag present