Plant Lady

I’m working on adjusting to spending a lot of time at home (as well as working from home) and inadvertently got into plants. I have never had a green thumb (nor did anyone in my family) however I am getting better at it by doing some more research and tracking my plant care via the Planta app. And no…this isn’t a sponsored post. LOL. I just discovered the app and love it! The app has helped me track what plants I have, how often to water (or mist) them, and it’s really helped me care for them easily while I learn more about them. They have never looked better! The latest lesson was that I had to do some re-potting, as I learned I was potting them incorrectly, and it wasn’t allowing for enough drainage/oxygen flow. Once I did this, things started to progress better for my green friends.

With my new plant hobby I was in need of some new plants, so I made an appointment at Swanson’s Nursery once they reopened after quarantine to pick up a few other lovelies. I love browsing Swanson’s. They have such a great selection, their plants are always healthy, and the associates are always helpful.

After that was curating my new Story Planter!!! I ordered this pre-COVID and have been waiting patiently for it to arrive. It arrived in awesome packaging (I won’t spoil the packaging surprise for you) and it was super easy to put together. You can choose which sides to put your planters on, so you can alternate, spiral, or do random. It’s beautiful, and fits perfectly in my window that gets the most light. I’m going to try very hard to keep these plants healthy.

My favorite Seattle area plant stores: