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End of Summer Fiesta Dinner with A Bubbly Life

I met Laurel from A Bubbly Life earlier this year when I did a guest post for her blog. We became instant “virtual” friends and realized over the past few months that we both have things in common. Not only do we both love crafting, we also love food. :) After many Instagram and Twitter comments about our food photos, we agreed someday we needed to have dinner together. That is when the idea struck…we should have a “virtual dinner party!” Here’s how it went…

We mutually agreed upon a theme, menu, and a date. With the main details out of the way, we both knew we couldn’t do a dinner party without a craft. :) This craft needed to fit the theme, but could be anything from drink stirrers to table decor. The fun part? This craft would be done in secret and then shipped to each others doors before the agreed upon dinner party date. SURPRISE!!! What would be our first Virtual Dinner Party theme? FIESTA!!!

Fast forward to the day I received my package from Laurel in the mail…


OH MY GOODNESS! SO CUTE! She made me a beautiful pink table runner using Incodye! The funny part…I made her a table runner too!! Crafty minds think alike. Check out her side of the dinner party here on A Bubbly Life.

After setting the table with her amazing runner, I dialed up Laurel on Skype to meet her “face-to-face” for the first time! It was so fun talking to her in real time. We chatted for awhile, showed each other our set ups for dinner and then sat down to enjoy our food.

Here is a shot of her signature color runner which I matched with some beautiful pink hydrangeas from Whole Foods.

table runner

For the place settings I paired up my newly purchased Oh Joy for Target geometric napkins with some gold chargers, and topped it off with a lime to bring out the green!

fiesta place setting

I used my new Gold Confetti Tumblers from Paper Source, and filled them with Food & Wine’s Pomegranate Margarita recipe. Boy were they strong…but ohhhh so tasty!

fiesta margarita

Now for the food. The main dish and the star of the evening, Seared Scallops with Pineapple Salsa. This recipe came directly from Laurel and it’s freaking fantastic. I will definitely be making this again.

fiesta scallops

And how can you have a fiesta without chips and guacamole?

fiesta guac

The night was fantastic. :) I want to thank Laurel so much for agreeing to do this virtual dinner party with me. I hope we can meet for dinner in person next time. :)

Now are you curious on what I made for her?? I knew right away that the craft I was going to send to Laurel…it had to be pink, and have to have pom poms! I found these inexpensive Mexican Serape Blankets on and decided to make a Serape Pom Pom table runner. Here’s the how-to…


DIY Serape Pom Pom Table Runner

Serape Table Runner


  • Clover Pom Pom Makers in 1 3/8″ and 1 5/8″ sizes
  • Multiple colors of yarn (I used 5 colors)
  • Small sized serape in your chosen color (Pink of course)
  • 2 Embroidery needles
  • Thread to match the majority color of the serape
  • Sewing machine



  • A few hours to make the pom poms, and approximately 30 minutes to complete the table runner.


Step 1:

If you haven’t tried making a pom pom with a Clover Pom Pom Maker…you are missing out! They are fantastic!! If you don’t have one, then make your pom poms however you feel comfortable.

It’s important that when you tie off your pom pom, use a longer piece of yarn and don’t trim it when you trim your poms. You will use this yarn tail to attach it onto the end of the serape.

Also, make various colors and sizes of your pom poms. I made 14 small, and 14 medium Pom poms in a random assortment of 5 different colors.

step 1

Step 2:

This serape had a black ornament in the center, so I folded each of the long sides in, and cut off a 1/4 off each side.

Step 2

Step 3:

Iron out your newly cut serape, and trim off any rough edges.

Tip: Use your trimmings to wrap around a vase for the centerpiece, or make into napkin rings!

Step 3

Step 4:

Sew a 1/4″ seam along each long edge. When you are finished sewing, iron out the seams.

Step 4

Step 5:

Trim off each of the fringe JUST below the knot. This way the serape doesn’t unravel on you. :)

Step 5

Step 6:

Using your embroidery needles, thread each tail of yarn onto a needle.

Step 6

Tip: I used a DMC threader. It really helped!

Step 6

Step 7:

Sew one tail through the serape, and then do the same with the other. This way you have two pieces of yarn sewn  through the serape.

Step 7

Tie a double knot on the underside of the runner, and trim off the ends.

Step 7

Step 7

Step 8:

Repeat the above with half of your pom poms until you have a strip of them on the end of the serape. Repeat with the other end.

Tip: Place your pom poms out on the table first to see what order you want them in. Then you can take one at a time and sew them on.

Step 8

Step 8

Ta dah! It’s finished and wrapped up and mailed to Laurel!

Serape Table Runner

Don’t forget to check out Laurel’s post on the Virtual Dinner Party to see how she styled her table with the Serape Table Runner.

Gracias Laurel for this amazing experience!!!