Small Shelves

Do you ever find yourself with little chotskies that you’re not quite sure what to do with? I sure do, and I’m never sure where to put them until I found these few small shelves that display my little items just perfectly.

Round Dorm Shelf by Ferm Living

I bought this birch plywood hanging shelf from Design Life Kids and I absolutely love where it ended up in my place. I put it at very top of my stairs, and get to see it’s contents each day as I go into my bedroom. :)

Featured on these shelves:


Tri Box Wall Shelves by Mint Rhapsody

I also got these at Design Life Kids (can you see a trend in my shopping habits?) :) These shelves provide a place to display your keepsakes, but disappear into the wall to allow for a nice clean display. I hung these opposite the dorm shelf, so as I walk up to my bedroom each day I pass these lovelies.

Featured on these shelves:



As some of you might have noticed, I have switched up my blog design lately. I have been working with an awesome WordPress developer, TinkTank, to customize one of their themes. Neil has been fantastic to work with and I’m loving the new layout and design of my site! In addition to my site layout, I have updated my logo to reflect a more modern take on my blog rantings. :)

All this to say, my new obsession is hexagons. Weird thing to be ogling over (I know) but I just love the graphical nature of this shape. So here is a sampling of some hexagonal love!

Wall Wonder Mirror - Maple 2




Hexagon Pot - Brass - Large 2