Box Cushion

I was super pumped after one of my recent trips to NYC to be able to visit Mood Fabrics while I was there. Of course I have seen it many times on Project Runway, but I never took a walk through the store until then. It was pretty awesome. I probably could have stayed another hour or so, but I saved myself some $$ by only walking out with a few yards of a beautiful black and white woven windowpane check fabric. I had one project in mind, and that was making a box cushion for a bench I’ve been holding onto for awhile now.

I don’t know if was my mood, or something in the air…but it’s not the greatest project I’ve completed. The only thing I have to say is I completely aligned the long sides perfectly…but the ends are kind of janky. Oh well. It looks good from a far. And who cares if you’re sitting on it right?!

Add a matching pillow…and well, it works. :)

Even if you can’t visit Mood in New York City, check out their blog. They have some great DIYs!

Binding Tape Bracelet

A few months ago I hosted The Longest Day craft day in honor of fighting Alzheimer’s disease. Cathie from tinsel + trim came over and we set out to make the bracelets in today’s post. When we sat down to make them, however, our efforts were quickly thwarted when it turned out we had the wrong findings AND the wrong pliers. Fast forward to today’s post where everything is finally sorted and we’re happy to be sharing the results.


Assuming you have the right findings, this bracelet should take only a few minutes to make.


  • Binding tape (We used 14″ to wrap loosely twice around the wrist)
  • 2x 16mm crimp ends in the finish of your choosing
  • 2x 5mm split ring in matching finish
  • 1 set, 8.5mm toggle clasp (bar and loop) in matching finish
  • Scissors
  • Split ring pliers (seriously makes your life SO much easier!)
  • Round nose pliers (optional)
  • Nylon jaw pliers


Step 1:

After you’ve cut the binding tape, align one end to the middle of a crimp end and secure it in place using the nylon jaw pliers. Repeat for the other end.



Step 2:

Using the split ring pliers, attach a split ring to both the loop and bar of the toggle clasp.


Step 3:

Again, using the split ring pliers (and round nose pliers, if needed) attach the bar and loop to either end of the binding tape.

Tip: One thing to keep in mind, make sure that however your clasp closes that the seam of the binding tape faces inside so it doesn’t show.






Day 15: Fabric garland

I’m a little late posting this DIY today, for I just got back from a long weekend at a friend’s cabin on Whidbey Island. It was well needed down time before the holiday rush! So hopefully all of you took a look at tinsel + trim’s pom pom garland today. It’s super cute and perfect for those snow lovers out there.

So for my trimmings DIY today I decided to do a fabric garland. The inspiration for this garland comes from the window of Drygoods Design in Ballard. A few months ago my friend and I were strolling through the neighborhood when I spotted this garland. I knew that I needed to try it out on my own. So a few months later I picked up a few fat quarters in green and red and went to town!


Depending on how long you want your garland, time can range from 30 – 60 min. Plus if you are watching “White Christmas” while making it you might get a little distracted by Bing Crosby’s singing!


  • Various fabric scraps (fat quarters work well)
  • Thread (contrasting or matching…it’s up to you!)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Template


Step 1:

Use the template to cut out your fabric shapes. This one is kind of a leaf shape, but you could do circles, squares, diamonds or any other type of shape. Depending on how long you want your garland to be, it will depend on how many pieces you’ll need.













# of Leaves






Step 1

Step 1

Step 2:

Begin with one piece an sew from one tip to the other.

Step 2

Step 3:

Right before you finish on one piece place the next piece in line. Continue to sew onto the next piece.

Step 3

Step 4:

Continue with the rest of the pieces of fabric until you have your desired length…or you run out of fabric!

Tip: Don’t worry if the edges fray or they aren’t perfect. Part of the charm of this garland is that over time the edges will get a bit more frayed and softer.

Fabric garland

Fabric garland

Now you have a beautiful fabric garland!

Fabric garland


Day 1: Drawstring gift bags

Welcome to the first day of 25 Days of Crafts! We are so excited to bring you a new holiday craft every day during this Christmas season. For day one, we bring you a craft that will help distinguish your crafts from the others under the Christmas tree.

Each December I love picking out my Christmas wrapping paper. I’m a little weird about it, but I like to pick a color coordinated theme. However I do remember when wrapping paper took a back seat when paper gift bags became all the rage. Don’t get me wrong, I do love paper gift bags for those times that you don’t have a box or the time to spend wrapping. Plus they were the perfect solution for the wrapping-paper challenged. :)

So if you have a little time on your hands and want to spice up your wrapping this year, try this DIY and make your gift special.


  • Fabric (13.5″ wide x 21″ long)
  • Matching thread
  • .5″ wide ribbon (1 yard long)
  • Safety pin
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

drawstring bags materials


These instructions will make one 10″ x 12″ bag. Cut out your fabric into a rectangle 13.5″ wide by 21″ long.


With the wrong side facing up, fold one of the long sides over 1.25″ to make a crease. Pin your fold down with straight pins.


Sew along .25″ away from the cut edge of the fabric. This will create the channel that your ribbon will go through.


With the wrong side facing in, fold the fabric in half and pin together along the bottom and side. Sew a .25″ seam along the bottom edge, continuing around to the side edge. Make sure you stop sewing when you get to the folded portion.


Turn the bag inside out. Attach a large safety pin (I used a diaper pin) on one end of your ribbon. Feed it through the top edge and pull out the other side.


Thread ribbon

Tie a knot

You can either leave the ribbons untied, or tie them together in a knot. Now your ready to fill it with goodies!



September craft-spiration

Here are my latest craft inspiration from the web for September!

Summer is starting to draw to a close and all the kids are starting to go back to school. I’m luckily out of school…but that still doesn’t mean I can’t covet those back-to-school shopping trips I used to do with my Mother. Besides the new clothes, I was probably most excited about picking out my school supplies. New notebooks, pencils and backpacks to name a few. Here are just a few back-to-school inspired items that may turn into a craft sometime this Fall!

Top Row:

Pencil Pouches – I really can’t get enough of bags in general. These pouches created by Eveden on Etsy are absolutely gorgeous. Simple, clean, and perfect size for storing all your pencils.

Middle Row:

Trays – This biodegradable lunch tray is adorable and it doesn’t help that I’m currently obsessed with trays. I know there will be a tray craft in my future.

Colorful totes – Someday soon I will hopefully get a screen printing lesson from my friend Jen…and then I can make all the printed totes I want!

Bottom Row:

Printed tea towels – Just like printed totes, I love all kinds of tea towels. I don’t have enough room for more in my drawer, but a girl can dream.

Fabric notebook covers – My most favorite fabric notebook cover was made by Jill Bliss. She doesn’t sell them anymore, but I also love this one by Simbiosis on Etsy.