Bedroom Tour

Growing up my bedroom was always the place I felt was mine, so I always decorated it to make me happy. I must have rearranged it once every few months. I’m sure it drove my parents nuts. :) My bedroom was where I did my homework, where I practiced my clarinet, where I danced to the radio, said my private prayers, where I fell asleep at night, and dreamed of my future.

My bedroom now is my sanctuary. It is my calming place where I could sleep in all morning, or stay up all night. I still am crafting it just so, and making sure it still reflects who I am.


It is my little personal paradise. I have surrounded myself with photos of my family, special keepsakes from friends and family, and special artwork that I love.


I have a great little deck that overlooks Green Lake. I sit out here on warm days and kick my feet up with a magazine and a bevy.


And yes…I like elephants if you haven’t guessed by now. :)


Morning rituals, and a little daily reminder to know my worth.