Wine box drink stand

For our second holiday craft, Cathie (from tinsel + trim) and I decided to do a more generalized DIY that could be used for many holidays…an up-cycled wooden wine box drink stand.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Seattle area, just to the east of us is the city of Woodinville. It’s the premier stop for wine-tasting in the Seattle area. As I grow older (and wiser) I have learned to appreciate this attraction. :) We are so lucky to have such amazing wineries in our backyard.

Many wine lovers join a wine club to receive limited edition varietals, or access to special wine tasting events. Personally I am not a member of any wine clubs, however I know which ones I would join if I did. :) My good friend is a member of Mark Ryan Winery, and I was lucky enough to get a few of her extra wine club boxes she had stashed away. I knew right away I could make something out of these boxes, especially for all the holiday parties coming up this month.

I don’t have a wood shop, nor all the tools to create what I was envisioning…but my brother-in-law does. He is always up for a good craft, and this time was no exception. So one Saturday we made a stop at the hardware store, and within a few hours we had a new accessory for my next party. :)



Approximately 1 hour to complete one box


  • 1 large rectangular wine box with sliding lid
  • Pencil
  • 3.75″ wide hole saw attachment
  • Drill
  • Medium and fine sandpaper
  • .25″ drill bit
  • 2 wide-mouthed pint sized mason jars
  • 4 small bun feet with screws attached
  • 4 nuts
  • 4 washers
  • Drink dispenser



Step 1:

Measure where you want the two jars to inset. I chose one on each side of the box so I could put my drink pitcher in the middle. This wine box is tricky because it has permanent slats inside the box. You have to measure carefully to make sure you get the jar in just the right spot.

Measure the distance away from the edge and mark it with a pencil. Using the circle drill attachment on your cordless drill, carefully drill the holes out of the top of the box. Make sure you secure your lid firmly while you drill to avoid slipage.



Step 2:

Once you have your holes drilled, use the medium sandpaper to remove any large splinters. Then use the fine to smooth out the edges.

Step 3:

Flip over the bottom part of the box and mark where you want the feet to be placed in each corner. Using your .25″ drill bit, drill a hole on your marks.


Step 4:

Screw on each of the bun feet, and secure inside the box with a washer and nut.




Step 5:

Insert the lid back into the box, and inset your two mason jars into the holes.




Step 6:

Now you are ready to use your drink stand. :) Mix up your favorite holiday punch and use the jars for holding paper straws, lemon wedges, cherries or drink stirrers. You now have a one-stop shop for your drink makings!




Here is a few holiday punch recipes you can choose from: