Introducing Craft Tin

My friend Cathie and I were brought together via our day jobs, yet over a period of time we realized that our passion for making needed another outlet. So over the past year we dreamed and schemed of what our “dream job” would be. It would be a perfect combination of crafting, creating and mingling. So after many long talks of what we REALLY wanted to do with our lives, Craft Tin was born.

The name Craft Tin comes from our two blog names, Krafty Kath and tinsel + trim. We first thought of calling our endeavour Kraft Tin…but then we didn’t want people to think we were all about cheese. :) So we kept it traditional and left the “c” in “craft.”

Craft Tin is in just the beginning phases, but in the next few months we’ll begin to expand and offer maker workshops for all types of projects. Our goal is to get people together who love to make things, learn new techniques or skills, as well as foster a creative community. For now we wanted to share with you some photos from our first ever Craft Tin event in celebration of Dia de los Muertos.

Crafting and Mingling

For the event we created “sugar skulls” out of mini paper mache skulls. We prepped the skulls with white spray paint and allowed everyone to decorate their own using paint pens. To finish them off we then adorned them with mini jewels and battery powered lights to light them up from the inside.











The night was fantastic! These ladies are super creative and we are so grateful that they took time out to try our “beta” event. Stay tuned for more updates on Craft Tin, and please follow us on Instagram to see our dream become a reality!