Decorating with Typography

Good typographic layouts (to me) form pictures, not just words. They tell stories and invoke feelings. I love filling my walls with things I love, and just one of the things I love is beautiful typography. I also love how it merges my background as a graphic designer with my everyday spaces. From artwork to pillows, my house is filled with typography art.


Type is saying things to us all the time. Typefaces express a mood, an atmosphere. They give words a certain coloring.

Rick Poyner, Writer


10 Principles of Good Design by Dieter Rams

Not only does this print display my love for typography, it also represents my love for design and the design process. It’s a beautiful print that is mounted slightly off the matte, so you can see the depth of the letterpress.


Helvetica Posters

My friends know I have a thing for Helvetica. My friend sent me this link to this site and it was game over for me.

This Helvetica poster I’ve had for years. Originally for my office at work, now hung in my bedroom.


NYC Subway Identity System book

Houseguests ask me why I have a NYC Subway Identity System book…and I answer “because it’s classic design.” This was my first ever Kickstarter backer project and I’m so happy I did it.


Bedroom quote poster

A DIY project I did after getting inspiration from a Pinterest find. The frame is magnetic, so I can switch out the print anytime I want. Plus this is the best quote ever. :)


Marquee Boards

Quotes keep me inspired. I have collected a few of my favorites and swap out the quotes depending on my mood or season.


Local Maps

I love my city AND my state. Nothing better than surrounding yourself with local pride.



I picked this pillow up on one of my work trips to New York City. A subtle embossed neighborhood map of Manhattan. New York always inspires me with art and design, and this pillow was just one of those times.


For all the other type lovers out there…how do you like to decorate with type? :)


A trip to Oslo

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to the city of Oslo for work. We were very productive at work that week, and at the end I stayed an extra day to see a few of the sites. It was a chilly trip, but got to see some of the city in it’s snow-covered wonder.

(Above photo courtesy of Charlie Zhuang – Instagram)

Although very thankful that I had this opportunity to go to Norway, I also found that my love for Scandinavian Design just got even greater after this trip! I wish my suitcase was the size of a car…for I would have come home with all kinds of amazing stuff. Alas my suitcase isn’t that big (nor is my wallet) but I did come home with a few goodies. Thanks to a little online research, I found a few stores that I needed to check out on my day off.

One of my favorite stops was Illums Bolighus. Here I picked up a few necessities such as this awesome Quilt Sleeve by HAY. It’s just the right size for my iPad Air, and has just enough padding to help protect it during my next few travels. Also by HAY, I picked up a little Clip for Two Pens. Just how it’s named…that is what it is, a clip for two pens! I thought it was kind of clever, and could come in handy with my work notebook. Lastly I spied a Wooden Elephant by Gunnar Flørning Collection. I do love me some elephants, and it looks just perfect on my Round Dorm Shelf that I bought awhile back from Design Life Kids.

Next stop was Norway Designs, and the discovery of this super cute little paper shop downstairs. I could have stayed in there for hours concocting all kinds of projects, but I made my stop pretty quick (as to not annoy my coworker.) Here I found a few things like 4″ x 8 2/5″ Penco gold finish clipboard. Works just right with this Kartotek To-Do Notepad. And just when I thought I was done…I spied this PULP Pen Case to keep store little goodies.

If work brings me back to Oslo (which I hope it does) I will have to find new places to explore. And maybe next time it will be in the spring, and I can spend a little less time INSIDE, and more time OUTSIDE exploring the mountains. :)