Sweet Paul Makerie 2017

A few weekends ago, I was off to Brooklyn NY with my new suitcase in hand, to attend the Sweet Paul Makerie Retreat. Last year my friend Cathie (of Tinsel + Trim) went to the retreat in Philly. We had such an amazing time that as we were walking out of the last day of the retreat we said to each other “we are DEFINITELY coming back next year.” It came at a time in the year when I needed time away to just relax and invest in me. This year it comes on the heels of a few busy work months and so again…it’s come at the right time.

This year’s retreat started off with a Friday evening cocktail reception at Lotta Jansdotter‘s Brooklyn studio. Meeting her was quite the treat. She was truly lovely and welcoming! We mingled with other SPMR attendees, sipped on some cocktails, and nibbled on some Bien Cuit bread and cheese.

This year the Sweet Paul Makerie was at 501 Union space. It was such a lovely venue.

My first workshop Saturday morning was screen printing with foil with Hannah Shultz.This project had my name written all over it…GOLD bling! :) We trotted over to the Textile Arts Center a few blocks away for this workshop.

I haven’t done silk screening since my summer school stint in elementary school. :) We got some instruction, then we were let loose to create our master pieces. I was a little stumped at first on what to create, but then with a little inspiration I created a geometric tree and printed it on some light gray fabric I bought at Purl Soho earlier that week. I LOVE the way it turned out! And what to do with it? Make it into a pillow of course. (My house is beginning to look a little like a pillow shop.)

In the afternoon I took a leather bracelet class from the wonderful Bags by Elke. I am a fan of Elke and her beautiful bags and leather goods she creates. I purchased one of her bags at last years Sweet Paul Makerie and it’s one of my all-time favorites.  We all first made an organic leather bracelet, learning how to use a few new tools like the leather strap cutter and leather punch. Who knew there was such a thing as a strap cutter? Brilliantly easy tool. We then graduated to learning how to bevel and burnish the edges of the leather by making a 2-row beaded bracelet.

Sunday was an all-day espadrille class by the fabulous instructors from the Brooklyn Shoe Space. By far this might have been my favorite class of the weekend. Not only did we walk away (literally) with a custom handmade pair of espadrilles, but I learned so much about the art of making shoes. I am definitely traveling back to Brooklyn to take another class. :)

Over the whole weekend we had a few special guests. One of the highlights (for me) was the Bread & Butter Bar. Yes, that’s right. A BREAD AND BUTTER BAR. :) The bread was provided by Bien Cuit as well as Zachary Golper, founder & owner of Bien Cuit joined us to tell us his story!

Also at the retreat were the Beekman Boys of Beekman 1802 Mercantile. All amazing creative people who were inspiring in different ways. Sweet Paul never ceases to amaze me of who he brings to his retreats. :)

The whole weekend was amazing. As many of the participants reflected on the weekend…the general feeling in the air is that the Sweet Paul Makerie Retreat is always a place for creativity, sharing, learning, and reuniting. I too recognized a few familiar faces (as well as met some new ones) that I look forward to seeing again (in person or online!)

Here’s to next year and many more!

Reversed Striped Tote Bag

I’m off to the 2015 Winter Alt Design Summit in Salt Lake City today! This will be my second Alt Summit as a blogger, and I’m really excited to go and get re-energized to take my blog to the next level. Plus I’m super pumped to meet up with the bloggers I met last year. We have been having this virtual relationship over the past year, and it’s definitely time to see each other face-to-face!

When you attend Alt, you definitely need a good bag to carry around your various accessories. Such accessories as your business cards, notebook and iPad. :) Last year I made an Vintage Blanket Tote to use at the conference, and this year I decided it was a good idea to repeat the tradition.

For the tote, I decided to use this striped twill fabric I bought at Britex Fabrics on a trip to San Fransisco over a year ago. It was about time I used this fabric…for it was collecting dust waiting for me to make up my mind on how to best use it. I found my inspiration last summer when I saw a striped tote bag at Anthropologie, and knew how I was going to craft my perfect tote bag for this years conference.

Overall the bag was pretty easy to assemble. The one exception was making sure the stripes matched up, and calculating the size appropriately to make sure that they worked with the seams. With a little patience, it all worked out and I’m super excited to sport my tote at Alt this week!



  • Exterior fabric – 1 1/2 yard
  • Interior fabric -1 1/2 yard
  • Head pins
  • Matching thread
  • Fabric scissors
  • Two leather bag straps
  • Leather hole punch tool
  • 8 – 1/4″ gold rivets (front and back pieces)
  • Rivet setting tool
  • Hammer
  • Sewing machine (not pictured)
  • Iron (not pictured)



Step 1:

Cut your fabric into the following pieces:

  • Exterior: 18″ wide x 41.5″ tall
  • Interior: 18″ wide x 41.5″ tall

I used a 3.5″ wide striped fabric for the outside of this tote. I folded the fabric in half (to match the stripes on front and back) and then measured from the bottom to top. This way the cut allows for the top and bottom of the finished tote to be blue stripes.

For the inside I am using a ticking stripe fabric with the stripes going the opposite way.

Step 2:

For the exterior, fold the fabric so the right sides are facing each other. With the open end at the top, sew a 1/4″ seam along both the left and right sides.

Repeat this step with the interior fabric.




Step 3:

Note: You will do Step 3 to both the exterior and interior fabrics.

Create a box bottom, pull the front and back pieces away from each other and line up the side seam with the bottom fold. The corner will be at a 90 degree angle.

Press with a hot iron.

Since the stripes on my fabric are 3.5″ wide, I marked with pins where the corner angle is 3.5″ wide.


Sew along the pinned line.


Trim off the excess corner, leaving about 1/4″ of fabric.


Step 4:

Turn the exterior piece right sides facing out. Iron to smooth out the fabric.

Keep the interior piece right sides facing in.


Step 5:

Insert the interior fabric inside the exterior fabric, lining up the side seams.



Step 6:

To make the top hem, fold inside the exterior fabric 1/4″ and then 1″ over the interior. If there is too much interior fabric, you can trim off a little off the top. Secure the hem with pins, and iron out flat.


Step 7:

Sew along the inside edge, around the mouth of the bag.



Step 8:

Once your finished sewing, you can flatten the hem with your iron.

Step 9:

Take your leather straps and measure 1/2″ and 1 1/4″ from each end. Mark with a pencil and punch a hole at each end.



Step 10:

On one side of the bag, measure in 5″ from each side and 2″ from the top, and mark with a pencil.

Step 11:

Using the leather tool, punch a hole through the bag at these marks.


Step 12:

Insert the rivet back from the inside of the bag…through the fabric and the strap.


Place the rivet front on top of the rivet back.


Use your hammer and rivet tool to set the rivets.

If you haven’t used a rivet tool before, it’s pretty easy. :) Place the rivet setter against the back rivet (flat side facing up.) Then take the rivet anvil (curved side down) and place it on top of the front rivet (shown below.) Now take your hammer and hammer down on top of the anvil to push the two sides of the rivet together.


Step 13:

Repeat step 12 to the other side of the bag to finish it off!


As a finishing touch, I sewed on a custom “Krafty Kath” leather tag from CocosHeaven’s Etsy Shop just below the top of the bag, in between the straps.



I love how it turned out! It’s just the right mix of bold and nautical. Now I’m ready to show off at Alt!

Come find me (and my bag) and say “hello!”

Alt Summit 2015 re-cap

It’s been a few weeks since I returned from the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City, digesting all that I’ve learned, and eager to get to work when I stepped back onto Seattle soil. My head was full of new knowledge, inspiration, and action items and I was ready to get down to business. Then I got home.

Internet was out. Had to call a guy. Then wait for the guy. Then Super Bowl chaos ensued. Cue sadness. Attempted storage unit break-in caused even more distress. Now I’m living in half condo, half storage unit while it’s getting repaired. I took to organizing and purging and I’m feeling like I’m getting my groove back. Whew.

I anticipate lots of changes to come for Krafty Kath this year, but here is just a few things from the conference that I’d like to share with you now. :)

Sponsor dinner

Each Alt attendee gets to have dinner with a sponsor the Wednesday evening before the start of the conference. I was super lucky to get my first pick of Joann’s Fabric & Crafts. It seemed to be a match made in heaven, and it was. Dinner with a bunch of crafters? Count me in!! Dinner was only a few miles from the hotel at Sea Salt Restaurant. The reps from Joann decorated our tables absolutely beautifully with succulents, DIY herb gardens, and inspirational quotes. I was lucky to have met some of most amazing and talented women that night. :)


PNW breakfast

Last year Sparrow Soirees hosted a Pacific Northwest Breakfast to help all of us meet each other from the area, and have a chance to mingle away from the crowds. This year she was again the hostess with the mostess, and as a little thank you I gave her this Downton Abbey Mug from TooLegitTooKnit on Etsy. I saw this mug and knew I needed to have it (since our Thursday night party is Downton Abbey themed) and Jayden was so accommodating and sent it to me lickety split! She has some really cute mugs on her Etsy page. Thanks Jayden for being so awesome! :)


Learning from the best

Alt was two whirlwind days of speakers and sessions (with a little crafting in between.) Some of my highlights were hearing from experienced bloggers and brands like Indiana Adams (Texas Style Council), and Mugs Buckley (Chairish). We did some photo styling with Candice Stringham (Handmade Mood) and mingled with expert crafters like Kersey Campbell (And We Play). We even took in more serious legal topics with lawyer Amanda Schreyer (Prince Lobel).



Party…and then party some more

Put a bunch of creative types together (away from the kids) and you get some amazing parties. Alt takes their parties seriously. :)




Not only did I take in a lot of information from Alt this year, I re-connected with bloggers I met last year, some I have created online friendships with, and met some new ones in the process. I am excited to continue these relationships this year. :)


 (Photos courtsey of Alt Summit photographers Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis.)


Re:Make 2014

This past week was Brit & Co’s second annual Re:Make Conference in San Francisco. For the second year my friend and crafting cohort Cathie from tinsel + trim joined me for this trip. I was super excited about the speakers this year, and they did not disappoint. Here are a few of my takeaways from the day.

Cathie & Kathy


77% of adults feel like they have lost their creativity.

Brit Morin, Founder and CEO of Brit & Co.


That statement kind of threw me for a loop since I am in what is considered a creative profession. But WHY are adults not feeling creative? We all have jobs, other priorities, and lack of time. I agree with that statement 100%. So if we want to be creative, why aren’t we making the time to do it?

Even though the majority of adults aren’t feeling creative, the world of making and handmade has gotten stronger over the past few years, and it will get bigger in the next 5 to 10 years. Bring back the boutiques and independent makers!! It is technology that has made the Maker Movement. Technology has allowed makers to learn new skills via the internet, and materials are easier to access due to the internet. In addition to that, the influx of collaborative community spaces has helped new products come to market faster than in the past. Such community spaces like TechShop, Makerspace, or MakeShift are leading the way in these communal spaces.

Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop was at Re:Make, and despite the power going during his presentation, this Former Green Beret handled it like a pro!! He didn’t need a mic cause he was fantastic! His excitement and enthusiasm for the Maker Movement made me inspired. Just some of the amazing products that were invented or finessed at TechShop were Square, BioLite, DripTech, and Embrace.


People that are a part of the Maker Movement are developing the skills to change the world.

Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop


Mark Hatch

Some of the other inspiring creators were on hand to demo their new products:

Drop (Ben Harris, CEO)
This ipad app and scale helps the inexperienced and experienced baker make perfect baked goods every time. The wireless connection between the app and scale help measure, calculate, and walk you through the steps of baking. This was cool. Maybe it’ll help me actually bake some bread. :)

Birdi (Mark Belinsky, Co-Founder and CEO)
Inspired by his Russian grandmother, he helped create a smart air detector that monitors the health of your air. Since 73% of smoke alarms fail, he wanted to make something that works and matters.

Nomiku (Lisa Fetterman, Founder)
Lisa created an immersion circulator and sous vide machine. HUH? Cooking sous vide is a method of cooking food in plastic bags in a temperature controlled water bath. This might sound complicated, but the new Nomiku coming out next year will be wireless and you will be able to control it with your phone app! I need to get my hands on one of these. Plus she was an absolute doll!

Upwell (Justin Porcano, Designer)
Justin wanted to add function to a light switch plate, so he created the Wallhub. And the best part of his process so far (in my opinion) is how he tested his creation in IKEA. This video of this user experience research is hilarious, bold and awesome!


Create an opportunity for yourself beyond the product.

Justin Porcano, Designer for UpWell



One of my favorite moments of the conference was a panel of heavy hitters moderated by Evelyn Rusli, Technology Reporter for the Wall Street Journal, featuring Bradford Shellhammer (Creative Director of shellhammer.co & Founder of Fab.com), Brit Morin (Founder & CEO of Brit + Co), Craig Dalton (CEO & Co-Founder of DODOcase) and Zach Kaplan (CEO of Inventables.) They gave some tips and insights to how they started their businesses, as well as talked about where they see the Maker Movement going in the future.


Not only were there amazing speakers we had two Make Breaks to get our creative juices flowing. Sponsored by Michaels and Wilton, we made some cork covered vases and tried our hand at decorating cupcakes. My vase turned out cute, but my cupcake…well not so much. You won’t be seeing it here. :)


And R2D2 even made a special appearance. Gotta love that little fella.


Saturday Re:Make hosted their Maker Festival chalk full of talented artisans and DIY booths. They had everything from jewelry to paper goods. I didn’t go has crazy as last year, but I did visit my favorite maker booth called Hellbent by Beth Naumann. I absolutely adore her jewelry, and she even remembered which necklace I bought last year! :)




I walked away inspired and motivated. I look forward to next year!


Alt Summit 2014 re-cap

Well it’s been almost two weeks since returning back from the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City, and the dust is starting to settle. I have done my laundry, put away my clothes, filed away my swag, and returned to my normal life changed (for the better.)

The trip was a bit of a whirlwind. It started with getting ready for the conference. Who knew that there would be so much work to be done just to ATTEND a conference. There was no presenting, no panels to be on…nothing but show up. “Showing up” means something different at Alt, and I was in for an amazing ride.

The attendees at Alt show up with their A-game. Like I mentioned in my previous post the business cards are mind blowing. I was so excited for this part of the conference…and in a quiet moment early on Wednesday I put my card up on the wall. I took at step back, smiled…and realized that I was here at Alt, as a blogger.

The next part of showing up for Alt is meeting the sponsors. I attended the Furbish Studio dinner Wednesday night at Caffe Niche. Over an amazing dinner I met some talented bloggers and business women. A few notable connections that night were:

Starting with some lovely east coast bloggers, Holly Phillips of The English Room, and Cheri Harden Leavy of The Southern Coterie. (Both by the way had the most amazing handbags throughout the conference!)

Amy Sage deMik of Commona My House. This gal was so down-to-earth and greeted this newbie with open arms.

I shared a car ride with Melissa Hope, and Audrey Wagner King of French Knot Studios. Audrey has some serious styling skillz, and had me laughing the whole week.

Another passenger was Vanessa Roth of Entre Nous. She along with Jenny Batt of Hank & Hunt were from the Northwest. Vanessa and I got to know each other well, and I know I will see these ladies again soon!

The next part of showing up at Alt is getting to take in advice, and try some hands on lessons from amazing bloggers and business women. Since I’m new in this world, most of my takeaways were around how to create my brand and knowing my style. I will take these things to heart during the next few months and work on improving my blogging presence.

Thursday night at the Cricut Explore party I met another Seattle blogger, Asia Rau Vinton of Sparrow Soirees. After working my way through the sea of green I found a seat in the corner to sit down and eat some grub. I struck up a conversation with the lovely lady sitting next to me. After a few minutes I came to realize that we have “met” two previous times! Through more conversations throughout the conference, we both came to realize that we have many things in common. Two of them being crafting and Game of Thrones. So stay tuned for some serious nerd crafts.

Cricut Explore

We finished off the week with some serious parties hosted by some of the most talented bloggers in the biz. These are tricked out theme parties that put any of my home parties to shame.

Stay Wild

In the end I walked away with excitement and inspiration for what is to come with Krafty Kath. And to get there, just a few action items…no big deal. I’m ready for the future and what it holds for my little Krafty world.