And the craftiness begins…

This is me in about 2nd grade. I was obsessed with this book called the S.S. Happiness Ship. My parents gave me one of the stuffed animal characters, Tasha the Elephant and I decided she needed a home. That is when I rounded up all the spare cardboard boxes in the house and crafted this giant ship. Since then I think I’ve perfected my cutting and taping abilities, but back then I thought this was a masterpiece.

Before the launching of the S.S. Happiness Ship, my parents realized I had a affinity for art at an early age. They encouraged my creativity with art lessons as I was always making, drawing or rigging something up with whatever I could find around the house. Clubhouses, boats, E.T. spaceships or Ewok villages…you name it, I made it. I think after a few years of always using up my mother’s roll of masking tape she brilliantly decided to share with Santa that I needed my OWN roll of tape. Santa obliged, and gave me my own tape every year for Christmas in my stocking. I was in heaven.

Now my skills have gotten better and I’ve decided it’s time to share my love of arts and crafts with others. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.