Chain hoop earrings

I find inspiration in the strangest places. This DIY inspiration came from a movie I watched ages ago…and for the life of me I can’t remember what movie it was. All I remember was a woman in a cab with some awesome earrings on. For some reason they stuck in my head and I had to try and DIY them.



  • Pair of two wire sterling silver 30mm hoops
  • Various styles of sterling silver chain, approx 3′ in total (this will vary depending on how much you want to include)
  • 3.5mm sterling silver jump rings (20-25, depending on how many individual chains you want to attach)
  • Ruler
  • Split ring pliers
  • Small jewelry pliers (2)



Step 1:

Think about how you want to arrange your chains, in a pattern you desire. I chose to start from shorter (in the center) and longer towards the outside. I also chose all sterling silver chain, but you could switch it up and do a combo of chain types if you want. It’s really up to you. :)


Step 2:

Cut the chain into your desired lengths. I chose the following lengths, and cut the following lengths times 2.

  • Chain #1 — 2 at 3″ and 1 at 1″
  • Chain #2 — 2 at 2″
  • Chain #3 — 1 at 2″
  • Chain #4 — 1 at 1″ and 1 at 1.25″


Step 3:

Attach a jump ring to one end of each chain using your split ring pliers and small jewelry pliers to gently expand the jump rings. Once you attach to one end of the chain, gently close the jump ring back up.


Step 4:

Thread each of the chains jump rings onto each of the hoops (in your desired pattern.)


Step 5:

Take your two jewelry pliers and create a 90 degree bend at each end of the hoop. This way the front hooks into the back loop when you put them on.


There you are! A new set of earrings custom made by you! :)