Travel catch-all

There was lots of traveling last year, and one thing I found that I really needed was a little catch-all for my jewelry, etc. I like my room organized so I don’t misplace things while I’m not in my element.

My last trip to Oslo I discovered Stoff & Stil fabric/craft store by my work office. Um HELLO!!! It was my home away from home. I picked up this beautiful thick felt (in gray of course) that was perfect for a little travel catch-all. Add a few sew-on snaps and you have lightweight collapsible organization!




Step 1:

Cut your felt into a 10″ x 10″ square if you haven’t already.


Step 2:

Thread your needle with 2′ of thread and leave a few inches at the end. Now imagine a 2″ square on each corner of your felt…position a set of snaps like the diagram below. Don’t forget that one side the bump faces up, and the other the bump faces down.


Step 3:

With the snaps facing you, start at the top and thread the following pattern: in 1 / out 2 / in 3 / out 4 / in 5 / out 6.


Step 4:

Repeat step 3 following over the stitch, tying a double knot at the end to secure the thread. I know I know…it’s not the right way to sew on a sew-on snap. But I wanted the other side to look like a cute star with the contrasting thread so I’m breaking the rules. :)


Step 5:

Repeat on all remaining snaps.


Step 6:

Snap the corners together, making clean right corners. Now you’re ready to use your catch-all!