Christmas Card Wall Display

One of the best parts of the holiday season is getting Christmas cards in the mail from your friends and families. Each family has their own tradition of how they display their cards…sometimes on the refrigerator, on the mantel, or in a special container. Growing up we kept ours in a built in pocket in a multi-colored macramé Christmas Tree…straight from the 70’s. :) This year I decided to stick with my “gold” theme and create one using some brass tubing and brass ring.

What I also love about this DIY is that it can be used year round. Hang it up in your home and display cards, postcards, notes, drawings…the options are yours. :)



  • Brass tubing (you’ll need 2 pieces at 15″ long, and 2 pieces at 18.5″ long)
  • Mini tube cutter
  • Ruler (or measuring tape)
  • 18″ metal ring
  • Krazy Glue No Run Gel
  • Spool of black waxed cord (70 ft total)
  • Scissors
  • Brass curtain hooks
  • Nail (to hang on the wall)
  • Hammer



Step 1:

If you haven’t cut the brass tubing yet, use a mini tube cutter to cut your four pieces.


Step 2:

Arrange the cut tubes on the top of the brass ring evenly (from top to bottom.)


Step 3:

Add a little dot of glue on the ring, under each end of the tubes. Leaving an equal amount of overhang on each side. (NOTE: I tried a bunch of different glue types on this project before landing on the Krazy Glue No Run Gel. Make sure it’s a similar type of glue that is thicker. Regular Krazy Glue just runs off the sides of the ring. The glue doesn’t need to be super strong, just enough to hold it decently so when you tie the knots it just gives the rungs that extra stability.)


Step 4:

Cut 8 pieces of 8” long waxed cord.

These will be used to tied a transom knot to secure each end of the horizontal tubing to the ring. Follow the diagram from the link, to tie a knot on each end.

Bring the two ends around to the backside and tie a tight double knot.

Trim your loose ends to about 1/2″ long each.

Repeat the knot on each end until you have all the tubes tied on tight.


Step 5:

Leaving a 6″ tail, start at the bottom left rung by wrapping the waxed cord tight around the top 1/2″ tail. Continue wrapping tightly until you go ALL THE WAY around the ring and back to where you started.

This is when you put on a movie and just sit and watch…and wrap. It’ll take awhile.

Once you’ve wrapped the whole thing, tie off the cord in the back with a tight double knot.


Step 6:

Attach the curtain hooks to your cards (before hanging.)


Step 7:

Hang your display on the wall, and start to see the collection grow!



If you don’t have time to get crafty and make your own metal card display, here are a few examples of store bought ones that would be perfect card displays!

Wall Grid – from Target
Cross Reference Wire Memo Holder – from Urban Outfitters


Circle Wall Grid – from Urban Outfitters

Day 24: Vintage card ornaments

What are your most favorite memories from Christmases past?

One of mine is laying underneath the Christmas tree looking up at the lights with my sister. We would talk of Santa, and what presents we thought were under the tree. Another memory (which I would like to forget) is when I broke the baby Jesus’ (from our manger scene) hand off. Of course I got in trouble for that one. It definitely makes for a good memory because now we think back at it and laugh. Oh and by the way…the baby Jesus’ hand was glued back on, and is back in the manger where He belongs.

So today we honor the past with a Christmas Eve craft of vintage card ornaments. It’s also a 2 for 1 day, so make sure to check out tinsel + trim’s ornament as well.

Vintage card ornament


  • Photo copies of vintage Christmas cards
  • Drill and .125″ drill bit
  • 3.25″ wooden circles
  • Martha Stewart wood stain in white wash
  • Medium sized paint brush
  • Colored card stock to match your images
  • Pencil
  • Craft glue
  • Silver self-adhesive glitter sheet
  • Scissors
  • Scalloped scissors
  • Glitter glue
  • Silver string to hang



STEP 1: Cathie from tinsel + trim has an amazing collection of vintage holiday collectables, so for this craft she let me borrow a few of her vintage cards. I took the cards to my nearest Kinkos and make a few color copies. If you want to use the originals then that works too!

step 1

STEP 2: Take your wooden circle and drill a small hole in the top using your drill and .125″ bit.

step 2

STEP 3: Paint a small layer of the white wash paint over the front and back of the wooden circle and let it dry completely.

step 3

STEP 4: While the wooden circle is drying, cut a 2.5″ circle out of your cover stock. You can use scissors, an x-acto knife, circle punch or cutting machine. Whatever technique you are comfortable with.

step 4

STEP 5: Flip the circle over and trace around it over your color image. Trim out your color copy approx .125″ from inside of your outline. This will allow you to stack your image on top of the colored stock and give you a nice border.

step 5

STEP 6: Flip your self-adhesive paper over and trace your circle once again. This time when you cut it out, use the scalloped scissors and cut just outside of your line.

step 6

STEP 7: Once you have your three circles cut, glue the image on top of the colored stock. Adhere your glitter paper to your wooden circle, and then glue your image/colored stock combo on top of that.

step 7

STEP 8: Add some glitter glue to the top of your image to enhance it.

step 8

Once it’s completely dry, loop your string through the hole and you are ready to hang it on your tree! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas Eve!

Vintage card ornament


Day 16: Origami wreath greeting card & ornament

At work we recently had a morale event where the team made large origami wreaths. Inspired by this activity, we decided to scale it down to fit a greeting card for Day 16. As a bonus, the wreath can be used as an ornament.

Cathie is much more talented than I when it comes to making handmade cards. You would think as a designer I could handle such a thing, but it’s just so much easier to order them! I definitely have something to learn from her on the art of card making.


It takes about one hour from start to finish to complete a single card.



Step 1:

To make the wreath, you will fold 8 pieces of decorative paper to make each point of the wreath.

Start by folding a piece length-wise, creating a crisp edge with the bone folder.

Step 1

Step 2:

With the creased side away to you, fold each corner toward the crease to make a trapezoid.

Step 2
Step 2

Step 3:

Fold in half, width-wise.

Step 3

Step 4:

Take two of the 8 pieces, which you will use to create the first chain in the wreath.

Face both pieces so that the tip of the pointed side is facing top left. Hold one piece in each hand. With the right piece, insert it into the short side of the left piece. There are two pockets, one for each point. Angle it down toward the point of the left piece. It will tuck in and feel connected.

Step 4
Step 4

Quick Recap:

Here is what each fold will look like for steps 1 to 4.


Step 5:

Repeat step 4 for all 8 pieces of the wreath until all the pieces connect to form the wreath.

Step 5

Step 6:

Punch a hole into the top of your wreath. Next attach the eyelet using your setter and hammer.

Step 6
Step 6

Step 7:

To fasten the wreath to the card with ribbon, we need to make two small holes. Measure approximately 1.5″ from the top and half the width. Make a small mark to use as a guide to punch holes on either side.

Step 7
Step 7
Step 7
Step 7

Step 8:

Thread the ribbon through each hole and then through the wreath.

Step 8
Step 8

Step 9:

Tie a small bow and trim off any excess ribbon.

Step 9

Step 10:

Next we will make the glitter word, joy. Unwind a small length of the glitter tape and insert it into the alphabet punch. Turn the punch upside down so you can see where to align the tape. The glitter side should be facing up (so if you are looking at the bottom of the punch, you would not see it). Punch out each letter.

Step 10

Step 11:

Remove the tape backing and apply each letter to the card. Align the word joy so it is centered with the wreath.

Step 11

Oh, joy! You just made an origami wreath greeting card!

Greeting card