Blanket pillow

Moving really throws a wrench into your crafting. In the process of moving (a year ago) not only did I realize I had WAY too many half-started craft projects, but my supplies were completely out of control. This let to a lot of purging in the process. My new goal is to buy supplies for the craft I will do next, and not buy supplies for that craft I think I will do in the future. This hopefully will help the supply explosion, and keep my craft room under control.

So this next year my goal is to finish and share with you all my half started projects (plus more.) Some are worth sharing the steps…some are just going to be hey look at what I did projects. One of those hey look at what I did projects is this blanket pillow.

A year ago I made a Vintage Blanket Tote Bag using a vintage Pendleton blanket. I kept a few of the scraps because I could use it for another craft. Now I’m glad this was one of the supplies I didn’t get rid of. :) There was just enough left to make a pillow cover for my couch. I love the vintage and modern combination. It’s the perfect accent against the gray, and brings out the orange in the poster. Plus you can never have enough throw pillows!

I’m excited to be back…stay tuned for an exciting update soon!


Vintage blanket tote bag

Since this is my first Alt as a blogger, I am trying to bring outfits that represent me, and where I come from. I’m lucky that its going to be cold this week in Salt Lake City, because I have some perfect sweaters for the occasion! And since this is Alt, I wanted to MAKE something that represents the Pacific Northwest too!

My idea started last July when I bought a vintage Pendleton blanket off Etsy. This seemed like the perfect starting point for something Northwest.

Pendleton blankets are kind of a staple for the Northwest. The company is based out of Oregon, my next door neighbor. My parents had and affinity for Pendleton blankets. My first year at college my parents bought me a UW Pendleton blanket. It was (and is) perfect for picnics and football games. Years later who knew that the design firm I was working for, would have Pendleton for a client. I had a great time working on print jobs for them while learning all about blankets in the process. There is such history in the company and they go to great lengths to make a beautiful, quality product.

So with a history with these blankets, I decided to make this vintage one into a tote bag to use as my carry-all for Alt Summit.

Now since I’m not a pattern maker, nor an expert seamstress…I needed to find the perfect pattern to showcase (and work with) the blanket. I went through 2 patterns until I came across and the Super Tote Pattern. With a few modifications (to adjust for the thickness of the blanket fabric) I created the perfect bag for Alt. Even though there are some flaws, I am so happy with the outcome!

Blanket tote process

I added a “Krafty Kath” leather label from Cocosheaven as a finishing touch! So come look for the girl with the blanket bag and come say “hi!”


Blanket tote