Box Cushion

I was super pumped after one of my recent trips to NYC to be able to visit Mood Fabrics while I was there. Of course I have seen it many times on Project Runway, but I never took a walk through the store until then. It was pretty awesome. I probably could have stayed another hour or so, but I saved myself some $$ by only walking out with a few yards of a beautiful black and white woven windowpane check fabric. I had one project in mind, and that was making a box cushion for a bench I’ve been holding onto for awhile now.

I don’t know if was my mood, or something in the air…but it’s not the greatest project I’ve completed. The only thing I have to say is I completely aligned the long sides perfectly…but the ends are kind of janky. Oh well. It looks good from a far. And who cares if you’re sitting on it right?!

Add a matching pillow…and well, it works. :)

Even if you can’t visit Mood in New York City, check out their blog. They have some great DIYs!