Modern Beanbags

About a year ago I participated in a Kickstarter project called Modern Cornhole by Red, Wood & Blue. I get why they included a set of red and blue bean bags with their AWESOME molded plywood cornhole boards…but because I am the way that I am…I decided to make beanbags that match my interior decor. :)

Cue the crazy.

Don’t get me wrong, I will hold onto the red and blue beanbags…and bring them out for Fourth of July. But in the meantime, I need something that blends with my decor. And because I love collecting cute fabrics, I happen to have two shades of gray (printed wood grain) fabric that were PERFECT for these replacement beanbags.

I know Red, Wood & Blue thought deeply about their beanbags…the size, the weight, the type of corn they used…but I just winged it for mine.

I measured the provided bean bags, added on a 1/4″ to each side, and cut 4 pieces of each color fabric. Then with the right sides facing, I sewed a 1/4″ seam along 3 sides. Turned them right side out, filled them with corn (to approximately weigh the same as the existing ones) and then sewed them shut.



I will continue to play modern cornhole from my kitchen, or from my couch, with none other than my GRAY beanbags. :)