Wine Stave Star

Once again I have to share my latest bro-sis-craft! I adore my brother in law, and he is always game for a good DIY. Plus he always has some unique material stored away in his garage that helps make the DIY perfect.

For this DIY, I originally wanted to make a large 5-point wooden star out of 2 x 4’s. We brainstormed…tried a few pieces of wood, and then he pulled out some old wine barrel staves that he had from a previous project. This could be cool we thought…so we grabbed 5 of the staves and started concocting our project. We drilled holes on each end of the staves and bolted them together to make our star. Once it was finished I attached some clear globe lights to the front of the staves to light it up.

The end result is this beautiful up-cycled Christmas star!!







For this Christmas I was so busy with other life-events I didn’t get to putting up a tree. So at least have some twinkling lights with my new star. :)