Lace Pillow

A few years ago I was lucky to meet the lovely Anne Weil, of Flax & Twine. We met online, then in person for the first time at the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City. I have enjoyed our virtual relationship over the past few years. Recently she released a book Knitting Without Needles. I purchased it right away and finally just got around to my first project.


I admit…I’m a novice knitter. I have done a few basic projects, and I still reference this photocopy my Mom copied for me on how to cast on and cast off! :) I should just laminate it at this point. haha. I’m not sure if I will become an expert knitter, but I do like to try every once and awhile. 

For my first Knitting Without Needles project, I made the Lace Pillow. Mine does not look as awesome as the pattern…but I think it’s alright. :) So despite my lack of skill, you should check out Anne’s book. It’s beautifully done and it is a lot of fun knitting using just your arms.