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Craftspiration: Perforated Tote Bag

Today’s craftspiration (craft inspiration) comes from thisĀ DIY by one of my favorite bloggers/TV personalities Amber Kemp-Gerstel of Damask Love. Her Perforated Leather Flair Tote Bag got my attention back in 2017, and I’ve been dying to do it since. It takes me awhile nowadays to get to all my crafts as my job (which I love) has become bigger and better. :)

I love her DIY, but I decided to alter it just a tiny bit to allow for a leather tote bag I already had. The only difference is the bag has an exterior leather pocket. On the plus side, having the perforations on the exterior pocket will allow the pin backings to be more ‘protected’ from interior contents. It seems like whenever I wear a pin, I always end up losing the backing…thus losing the pin in return.

Check outĀ the instructions on Damask Love, and you can see my version below.

UPDATE: What kind of magic is this? Pin locks?!? I had no idea that these pin locks even existed. I guess I didn’t really need the exterior pocket. Well too late now. I picked some of these up from Amazon, and now my pins will be super safe.



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