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A Navy Peacoat

The last few weeks I did two up-cycle DIY posts in honor of both my Grandfathers. A vintage tripod lamp, and a painted canoe paddle. This week in honor of Father’s Day, I write about my own father, Roy.

During the fall all my wool coats come out of the closet, and even though I love the summer…there is something really comforting about slipping on a wool jacket in the winter. So when my Dad asked me if I wanted his old peacoat from the Navy, I emphatically said “yes!” Military style peacoats never go out of style. I tried it on, and since I’m tall, the length was great. The shoulders were a little wide, but nothing a good alteration couldn’t fix. I dropped it off at Bellevue Alterations, and a few weeks later I got back the vintage jacket fitted just for me. I thoroughly¬†enjoyed wearing it during the Seattle Snowpocalypse in February. I have gotten so many compliments from strangers when I wear it. And when I tell them it was my father’s jacket, it feels even better. It’s so amazing to be able to wear this jacket that holds so many memories. A little bit of my Dad to travel with me where ever I go. Happy Father’s Day Dad!

A huge thank you to Charlie Zhuang for the amazing photos, and for taking time to do a quick photoshoot. 


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  1. Had lunch with your dad today to celebrate his birthday. So glad that he shared your website. I will enjoy following it.

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