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Copenhagen & Amsterdam

It’s been a few months of travel for me, and I’m finally getting around to gathering up my photos to document my trips!

In May, I had the opportunity to travel to Denmark and the Netherlands for a work trip. Most of our time spent was in Billund, Denmark, but we had one night and a morning to stroll around Copenhagen before our work began, and a day in Amsterdam on the way back. It was a quick trip, but I got a little taste of these two cities and I definitely want to go back to Amsterdam to explore more.



We only had just under a day to roam around Copenhagen…so we did it pretty fast. There was a lot of walking. We walked through Ørstedsparken, and then to Nyhavn. Then circled back around through the Stroget, past the Finansministeriet and Christianborg Palace. It was very beautiful, but we didn’t have much time to investigate too much.

I claimed my first “win” for picking out this awesome hotel, Manon Les Suites. It was so fantastic. Small and boutique with all the right touches. Most surprisingly after walking out of the elevator…a pool in the center atrium layered with hanging plants and lanterns. The doors to the guest rooms surrounded this little oasis. :) On the top level of the hotel there was a small restaurant with a outdoor patio (for when the weather is nice).

After Copenhagen it was off to work in Billund, which ended with a trip to the LEGO House and lots of fun with LEGOS. Roar!



Our flights went through Amsterdam, so we took advantage and spent an entire day roaming the center part of town. I wasn’t sure what to expect…but I was pleasantly surprised, and found that I really loved this city! The canals that ribbon through the city were lovely and calming. We arrived on Remembrance Day, so there were lots of folks out on their boats listening to music and honoring the people who died in WWII.

And well I couldn’t well go to Europe without visiting a museum, so we hit up the Stedelijk Museum and the Moco Museum. Both surpassed my expectations.

At the Stedelijk Museum, they have art from 1880 to now, on the lower floor. Which includes a nice selection of mid-century furniture design, as well as classic graphic design.

And in the upper levels, Studio Drift had some of the most amazing exhibitions I’ve seen in a really long time. This one called Fragile Future, is a series of light sculptures of dandelion heads individually applied to LED lights. Absolutely stunning.

Shylight had me mesmerized by the fluid movement of these expanding and collapsing “umbrellas.” They had a very similar movement to jellyfish in the ocean.

Materialism was one of my favorites. This photo represents the volume of materials that make up a VW bug. CRAZY!

And lastly Drifter. How is it floating?? We stood there awhile pondering multiple theories.


Next stop was the MoCo Museum and the Banksy exhibit.


My second “win” was the Zoku Hotel in Amsterdam. This EAT, WORK, PLAY concept hotel was extremely cool. Not only did they have a really awesome rooftop restaurant and work space, the rooms were amazing lofts. It was super easy to check in/out, as well as order meals through their kiosks on the top floor. Not only did I have the best breakfast I’ve had in seriously the LONGEST time…I highly recommend this hotel and would definitely stay there again.


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