I’m quite fawn’d of you, my deer.


Frank is my resident deer.

He greets me everyday as I walk down my stairs. Most people don’t even notice he is there, however I think he likes that.

I didn’t name him Frank, but ironically my Grandfather’s name was Frank…and my Grandfather was quite the huntsman.

The other day I realized that Frank needed some jewelry…so I gave him some. I took some brass ornaments from Ferm Living (that I had bought post-Christmas) and some long ballchain, and repurposed them into dangling adornments, and got on my tippy toes and hung them from his crown. :) I think he likes them!

(Note: This trophy head is an antique, and a gift from a friend. I am not a hunter, nor will I probably ever go hunting in my life. But someone was proud of this fella, and I’m happy to let him live on in my house.)


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