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Gold paper clip stand

I’m not a blogger full-time. My day job is working at Microsoft. Over the past nine years working there I have worked in a number of different groups. One of those groups was Office. And in Office there is a running joke internally about bringing back Clippy into our software. You remember Clippy right? He is notorious in the world of software. :) This is my DIY version of Clippy. He holds your stuff for you. He’s shiny and gold. He helps you organize your stuff. He doesn’t say a word. The perfect man right?!? hah hah! Maybe not completely perfect. He did turn out pretty great in my opinion though. He’s my next best cement job since these Cement & Wire Stands.



1 hour to prepare, mix, and pour. Plus 1-2 days to completely set the cement.


Step 1:

Prepare the cardboard brace – To hold your paper clip in an upright position, I created a little cardboard brace. To make this, print out the template, trace it onto your cardboard, and cut out along the dotted lines.

Take both “A” pieces and tape the short sides together.

Take both “B” pieces and insert “A” into the slots so you have a little stand.

Step 2:

Prepare the paperclip – Cut a 5″ piece of wire. Fold it in half (using your pliers). Wrap it around the bottom of the paperclip, and use your pliers to twist it tight about 2 rotations. Then take each end of the wire and bend each end down to make a “T” shape.

Take each end and bend to create a spiral to form a stand.

Insert the paper clip from the bottom in-between the taped cardboard stand, inside the round mold, and set on a flat surface.

Step 4:

Prepare the mold – Using a tiny amount of vegetable oil, grease the inside of the mold. You can use a paper towel to clean up any excess.

Step 4:

Mix/Pour your concrete – Using your plastic spoon, mix 1 part concrete, and 2 parts sand. I used 2 heaping spoonfuls of concrete mix and 4 spoonfuls of sand. Stir these up well (and gently) before you add your water.

Add a small amount of water at a time, until you get a smooth thick milkshake consistency. You should feel a little give when you stir it up. (The image on the right is the right consistency.)

Now carefully pour your concrete mixture into the mold. Fill it up almost to the top. Let it sit in an undisturbed warm/room-temperature location.

Step 6:

Let it dry about a day (or two) until the concrete is set. Then wiggle it out of the mold carefully. It should come out pretty easily. If the top edge is a little sharp, you can use some fine grit sandpaper to gently give it more of a smooth corner. Don’t sand too much…or you’ll start to see more of the sand instead of the cement texture.

Use them for displaying postcards, photos, or even table place cards. I think they turned out super cute, and there is one already adorning my desk at work!


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