Change is good for the soul

A new look!

Back in October I traveled down to Portland, Oregon for the Hello Sessions. It was a great trip, full of friends, good food, and great speakers. But if I’m being totally honest with you, the original intent on going was to reunite with my blogger friends from across the country. The bonus would be to hopefully learn some stuff at the same time. :)

After the sessions my friends and I went out for drinks. We talked about the day, what we learned, and where we’d go from here. While we were talking one conversation with my friend Kim stood out for me the most. The short-version of the conversation is how I’d like my blog to represent the whole me more. My friend said “YES. You are so good at crafts…but you also are a designer, a cook, and you love decorating! Why not include all of that?” She nailed it. I knew then that I wanted to adjust the blog and include more of the things I love to do into it. I also figure it’s a new year, so why not change it up.

So here I am, still investing my time and energy in this blog three and a half years later, wanting it to be the best it can be. I think I have changed it once a year…so to those who follow me and my random musings, thank you. :) Happy New Year!

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