Happy to see you 2017

Artist Tote Board 2017 Calendar

One memory from college I would like to forget is how I had to shlep around a giant art-board around campus to and from my drawing classes. Ugh. That thing was a pain in the a**. It was big and awkward, and always covered in charcoal, which inevitably got all over my clothes. And even though it was the 90’s and I looked like a grunge hippie, I still didn’t like getting it all over me. :)

Despite my memory, I guess I got a little sentimental cause I saw this little art-board at the art store the other day, and decided that it needed a little designer DIY. And since it’s almost new years, I decided to make a 2017 wall calendar with a modern twist!


  • 13″ x 17″ Artist Tote Board by Art Alternatives w/rubber band
  • Printed 2017 Calendar (Download PDF)
  • Ruler (24″ preferably)
  • X-acto knife


Step 1:

Download the PDF and print out on 11″ x 17″ paper.

Step 2:

Using the crop marks as guides, use your ruler and trim out the calendar pages to their final size of 9″ x 15″.


Step 3:

Collate the pages in calendar order, clip the calendar sheets into the tote board, and attach the rubber band (on opposite side) to hold.



Step 4:

Hang up your calendar and start planning your new year!



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