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Brass Tassel Bracelet

At Craftcation I took a tassel-making class the first day of the conference. Since then I’ve been all about tassels and have been wanting to make something ever since. When I came across this awesome brass bracelet from Purl Soho I knew exactly what I was going to make with it. :) It’s super easy and will take you all about 5 minutes from start to finish!



  • DMC pearl cotton thread
  • Scissors
  • Natural brass bracelet by Fog Linen
  • 3/8″ natural brass jump ring
  • 12-15mm natural brass cylindrical end cap



Step 1:

Untwirl the thread and cut off two pieces of thread. You’ll need one 6″ and one 12″ piece of thread. Keeping the thread bunched together like it came, fold it in half and cut a section 3″ long (it ends up being 6″ total.) If you are using a larger end cap, like the one I used, then cut another section the same size as the first. You basically want the folded end of the bunched up thread to fit inside your end cap snuggly, but not too tight.


Step 2:

Taking the 6″ piece of thread you cut off in Step 1, tie up the thread in the middle using a double knot.


Step 3:

Now take the 12″ piece of  thread you cut off and loop one end through the jump ring. Thread each ends through the top of the end cap, and pull the threads so they are even. Note that I am using a 15mm end cap. You can use a smaller one, just make sure you gauge how much thread will or will not fit within the cap.


Step 4:

Take the tied up bunch and center it underneath your end cap. Tie another double knot tightly and watch how the folded end of your bunch sits right up into the end cap.


Step 5:

Now give your tassel a haircut and cut the ends off to make a nice even edge. Unhook your  bracelet and loop the tassel onto one end.


I went simple and just made one tassel for the bracelet…but you could do multiples if you wanted to really spice things up. Buy one bracelet and make multiple colors of tassels to match all your outfits!

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  1. where did you get the caps been; all over the wed an can not find them. Please list the place that you get your supply or a click to it; Your work is so good. Good luck in the New Year

      1. thank you
        we are going to redo the one’s that we have done. Just need to wait for the order. They well not be as good looked as your. You are a very good person. Thank you again.

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