Easy modern DIY using pre-made wooden boxes and drawer pulls

Trio of boxes

I love having a “home” for my things. And what I mean by “home” is something an object is kept in. This helps me keep my counters and tabletops free of clutter.

These “homes” could be a boxes, drawers, bins, trays, cups, or maybe even baskets. My house is filled with these “homes” and I could probably keep making them until my boxes have boxes to live in. :)

Awhile back I made a two-toned box from a wooden box bought online from Etsy store Turns2art. I love the possibilities of working with his unfinished boxes so I decided to get a few more. This time I got some vertical boxes to spice it up. I paired these blank canvas’s up with some unique drawer pulls from Anthropologie and the end result was this trio of boxes.


It will take approximately 2-3 hours. This includes painting, drying, and finishing your boxes.


  • Wooden box (tall or horizontal)
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Drill bit (approx. 1/8″ or 3/16″)
  • Wood stain (1 color per box)
  • Foam brush (1 for each box)
  • Wood finishing wax
  • Old dry cloths (3 for each box) *not pictured
  • Drawer pull/nut (1 for each box)
  • Bolt cutters
  • Pliers (Optional)



Step 1:

Measure the top of your box lid and mark the center of the lid using a pencil.

Drill a hole in the lid using your drill/drill bit. My knobs used a 3/16″ drill bit.


Step 2:

Using the foam brush, apply the stain to the box lid and bottom, and let dry. (I used Minwax Jacobean, Golden Oak, and Classic Gray.)

Before it completely dries, take the 1st of your dry cloths and wipe away the excess stain.


Step 3:

Once the stain has dried, use your 2nd dry cloth to apply the wood finishing wax. This can get a little messy, so make sure you’re applying it on newspapers or a dropcloth.

Let the wax dry for approximately 15 minutes. After you have let it dry for 15 minutes, use the 3rd dry cloth, buff out the wax using quick back-and-forth motions.


Step 4:

Now you are ready to attach the knob.

I got three knobs/pulls from Anthropologie…the Streamline Knob, the Faceted Ory Knob, and the Saddler Knob. Either way, they have tons of unique knobs to choose from that would be perfect for these boxes.

Insert the knob through the hole you drilled and screw on the nut so the knob is on tight.


Step 7:

Using the bolt cutters, cut off the excess screw on the underside of the lid. Screw the bolt to tighten the knob.

TIPS: The brass screws cut a lot easier than the steel ones. Also, you can use pliers to get good leverage when tightening the bolt.


Now you have completed one box! If you want to make others, just follow the same steps above using different finishes and knobs to create a unique set of boxes.


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