This gallery wall in my craft room is one of my inspirations.

Craft room gallery wall

I have been patiently working on my craft room gallery wall for awhile now. And like many craft projects in my life, I start with one idea and then it turns into something entirely different. THAT or it just doesn’t get finished at all. :)

This project started off as the intention of being this awesome faux taxidermy wall, but as time went by I found myself collected different objects and prints that I wanted to include. Each piece is a special project, or says something about who I am. I have been collecting these for the past year, and finally I pulled the trigger on some beautiful metal frames from Restoration Hardware to finish it off.

The next step was trying to photograph it well. This was a challenge unto itself! My room is small, and the lighting is horrible! Here in the PNW the light is at a premium and you definitely need a south-facing room. I was light and space challenged on this project. I also need an entirely different camera lens to properly get this shot, and I am not up to that task at the moment. So after many attempts at trying to get a good shot of the wall in full…I gave up. Instead you get detail shots. :) Hopefully you can visualize it!




Deer taxidermy

Bought from, this MIHO Unexpected Things cardboard deer trophy is so fun and colorful.

“CAMP” canvas banner

OMG. I love this banner and everything else in the Ello There Etsy shop. In addition to faux taxidermy, I have an affinity for all things camp related. :)


“Scissors” print

I saw this Rifle Paper Co. scissors print at Drygoods Design in Ballard, and it was calling my name just like the Pier One commercials!

Vintage brass basket

I bought this awesome vintage brass wire basket from Whiskey and Honey. I’ve decided it’s where all my pom poms will live. Because they need a home too right?


“Yes to Adventure” print

Handmade letterpress print done by Fare-well Paperie. I received this print at the SBU Summer Meet-up, and knew right away it needed to be framed and hung up in my craft room.

Mini taxidermy

This mini deer taxidermy doubles as a magnet, but I like to use it as a little wall hook. Here it’s hanging a little gift from my friend Cathie from tinsel + trim.


Wicker elephant

What can I say…I have loved elephants since I was four when my parents bought me a stuffed animal (elephant named Ellie) for my birthday.


Miniature portrait card

Misha Zeda Graham, founder of Turquoise Creative (and fellow UW’er), hosted a holiday bazaar last winter. Her recent addition to her hand cut paper cards were little miniature portrait cards. I saw this one and it kind of looked like me! I had to get it.

Scissor basswood

This is the glitter corner of the gallery wall. This basswood craft was created at a recent summer gathering put on by Sparrow Soirees.


Sorority Paddle

This was my Mom’s sorority paddle from the late 60’s at University of Washington. We both graduated from the UW, and I love that it was part of her life when she was in college.


Mount Rainier vista

Another vintage piece from my parents. I think my Mom bought it at an antique shop years ago and they never hung it up. I love it’s vintage northwest feel.


CRAFT light box

This light box has been around my life since I started my career as a designer. It belonged to my old manager and recently he passed it onto me. I didn’t have any intentions of using it how it was meant to be used…but I wanted to make something that hung on the wall. It only took a few months of tracking down the right materials, and completely confusing the employees at Home Depot on why I was so particular on needing a clear U-channel piece of plastic. I bought some vintage letters from Old Vintage Goodies and my light came together.




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    1. Thanks Andrea!! It’s too bad I struggled so much with an all up shot. It looks so good all together. It just means I need to buy a new house with a designated craft room!!! :) maybe in 2015.

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