A new twist on a Christmas oldie

Beaded Candy Cane Ornament

Part of the joy of the holidays is hanging old and new ornaments on the Christmas tree. For us, ornaments hold memories friends, family, or special events in life. Each year it’s a joy to unpack, unwrap, and hang these ornaments and reminisce what memories they hold. Whether they be store-bought or hand-made, it’s part of the holiday season that is so joyful!

For our last holiday craft, we decided to give the plastic tri-beads candy cane ornament a modern-vintage upgrade! We hope this last craft will inspire you to do more crafting this holiday season. :)



30 minutes for paint dry time, and approx. 5 minutes to assemble.


  • 13 wooden beads
  • 18 gauge dark annealed wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • Red & white craft paint
  • 2 paint brushes
  • 2 bamboo skewers
  • Ribbon or bakers twine for hanging
  • Scissors



Step 1: 

Take 7 beads and slip them onto a bamboo skewer (these will become your red beads.) Take the other 6 and slip them onto the other skewer (these will be your white beads.)

Paint the beads using the red and white paint. Using the skewers helps manage the beads better while painting.

Once you’re done painting them you can rest the skewer on top of a bowl or vase to allow them to dry.



Step 2:

Cut a piece of wire approximately 14 inches long. Using your pliers bend one end of the wire into a small loop.


Step 3:

Thread the dry beads onto the wire, starting with a red bead and then a white. Thread all your remaining beads onto the wire.



Step 4:

Carefully bend the top half into a curve to make the top of your candy cane.


Step 5:

Snip off the excess wire about 1/4″ away from the last bead.


Step 6:

Using your pliers, make the same small loop to hold the beads onto the wire.



Step 7:

Cut a small piece of ribbon or twine and tie a piece to the top of the candy cane. Now you are ready to hang your ornament on the tree!


Merry Christmas from Krafty Kath and tinsel + trim!!!!

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