Binding Tape Bracelet

A few months ago I hosted The Longest Day craft day in honor of fighting Alzheimer’s disease. Cathie from tinsel + trim came over and we set out to make the bracelets in today’s post. When we sat down to make them, however, our efforts were quickly thwarted when it turned out we had the wrong findings AND the wrong pliers. Fast forward to today’s post where everything is finally sorted and we’re happy to be sharing the results.


Assuming you have the right findings, this bracelet should take only a few minutes to make.


  • Binding tape (We used 14″ to wrap loosely twice around the wrist)
  • 2x 16mm crimp ends in the finish of your choosing
  • 2x 5mm split ring in matching finish
  • 1 set, 8.5mm toggle clasp (bar and loop) in matching finish
  • Scissors
  • Split ring pliers (seriously makes your life SO much easier!)
  • Round nose pliers (optional)
  • Nylon jaw pliers


Step 1:

After you’ve cut the binding tape, align one end to the middle of a crimp end and secure it in place using the nylon jaw pliers. Repeat for the other end.



Step 2:

Using the split ring pliers, attach a split ring to both the loop and bar of the toggle clasp.


Step 3:

Again, using the split ring pliers (and round nose pliers, if needed) attach the bar and loop to either end of the binding tape.

Tip: One thing to keep in mind, make sure that however your clasp closes that the seam of the binding tape faces inside so it doesn’t show.






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